Jamie Housel's Panhead


When he's not lurking on Craigslist or the ChopCult classifieds for old motorcycle parts, Jamie Housel handles international sales for Girl and Chocolate skateboards. Jamie didn't demonstrate his sidewalk surfing chops while we were crawling around his employer's private skatepark, but given his job description, lavish beard and lithe frame, my guess is the brother's got pops. His panhead certainly looks the part, too. Everyone knows the skate scene has chopper fever, and Jamie Housel is leading the SoCal charge.

Here's the back story on Jamie's original 1950 panhead: 

I was on the hunt for a 1950 panhead for a year or two. My dad was born in 1950 and died from drinking when I was 21, so getting this 1950 pan was my way of keeping him rolling. I ran into this bike in New Hampshire with matching engine and tranny numbers with its original frame, so I knew this was the one I wanted. It took some work to get it to where it is today although it was a pretty nice bike to start with.



Bike: Lucy 

Name of builder/shop: Kiyo at Garage Co. 

Year, make and model of frame, plus mods if any: 1950 H-D wishbone, original 

Year, make and model of motor, plus mods if any: 1950 H-D EL 

Transmission: '50 4-speed 

Primary drive: BDL 

Fork: 39mm Sportster

Custom-fabbed parts: sissy bar by Kiyo, narrowed Top Shelf bars, mid controls

Front wheel size and specs: 21" H-D with Avon 21” x 3” tire

Rear wheel size and specs: 18" H-D with Avon 18” x 4” tire

Upholstery: Haifley Brothers—the best repop seats, and awesome guys 

Paint: Jons in Wilmington

Thanks: to Kiyo for all his help and friendship; my lady Marie for putting up with me and all my friends that have helped with this bike; Verne’s Chrome in Gardena for most of the shiny bits


Go here for a peek inside Jamie's day job.

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Commented on 2-22-2012 At 05:27 am

Nice bike! I like the skinny ass. :)

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 06:14 am

fucking real nice Panhead.

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 10:05 am

Very nice!

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 12:37 pm

classic man, this is the way to build a bike.

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 01:51 pm

Of course the bike was awesome, it was in New Hampshire!!! Hahahaha

That's a wicked sick bike man!!!

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 02:39 pm

I spy Mr. Andy Jenkins.

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 02:44 pm

Jamie rules

Commented on 2-22-2012 At 09:34 pm

kick ass bike man!

Commented on 2-23-2012 At 04:35 am

thats how i like um..simple and bad ass

Commented on 2-25-2012 At 08:11 am

Sick ass pan!

Commented on 7-23-2012 At 07:49 am

what is that front master cylinder? i need one!

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