Inside Bad Fun Co.

In this post-pandemic world filled with political correctness and an ever-increasing list of rules and regulations, don’t we all deserve a bit of “bad fun”? Now before your minds head to some dark corner trying to figure out exactly what might go on at place called the Bad Fun Company, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that it’s a shop in Youngsville, NC, that does tattoos and piercings as well as selling a variety of vintage and handmade goods. Owned and operated by the one and only Greg DeHoot, the Bad Fun Company has all your “bad ideas, good times” under one roof.

DeHoot first came up with the idea for the Bad Fun Company back in 2016. Initially he started out doing a little bit of everything, from shirts to garage banners to sponsoring motorcycle events. This kept him busy, but Dehoot is an artist and tattooer at heart, so no amount of screen printing could fill that void. In 2021, he decided to open his own tattoo shop, so he found some retail space and started turning that dream into a reality.

When asked to describe his new shop, DeHoot had the following to say; “I decided to open a tattoo and piercing shop with a twist. A place that was not the same old tattoo shop. Instead, I wanted to create a setting for those who were looking for a unique experience. Whether it be a new tattoo, a piercing, or shopping for that one-of-a-kind vintage piece or handmade good. Bad Fun Company is the destination for all of the Raleigh Triangle Area, and beyond that the whole East Coast. We host some of the best tattooers and piercers in the industry. Our vintage and handmade goods retail selections are as eclectic as our clients. When you need a little excitement in your life, just remember our motto “Bad Ideas, Good Times””.

With a motto like that, you might be wondering just what you are getting yourself into when you step through the doors of the Bad Fun Company. All kidding aside, DeHoot runs a first-rate shop that’s bright and clean, thanks to a complete floor-to-ceiling renovation which he completed just before opening. Every wall is covered with framed artwork and it's worth a trip out just to walk around and check out his collection. DeHoot has been tattooing for almost 10 years, and has traveled across the US and all over Europe honing his craft.

To round out his staff, DeHoot brought in Robert Bland to handle the piercings. Bland comes with 20+ years of piercing experience, most of which was at Glenn’s Tattoo Service in Carrboro, NC. Besides being the utmost of professionals, Bland is also an expert on a wide variety of subjects and can keep you distracted during the most intense piercing sessions with his tall tales and insights.

One thing that DeHoot believes strongly in is giving back to both the motorcycle and local communities. The Bad Fun Company sponsors numerous local motorcycle events as well as supporting national groups like Moto Fam. They also work with multiple charities, supporting Down Syndrome research, the Field of Dreams Foundation, and even sponsor a kickball team through the Youngsville Parks and Recreation Dept.

In the first 30 days since opening, DeHoot has personally done over 100 tattoos, which is a seriously good start for a new business. I asked him to describe his style and he said, “I do tattoos that look like tattoos”. If that’s the kind of tattoo you are looking for, then don’t wait to make an appointment at Bad Fun Tattoo today. You can get all the details at Follow Bad Fun Company on Facebook and Instagram.


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