HOTP: Zarkin Froods Issue #5


Issue five is our biggest waste of time yet! Ninety-six friggin pages of places we've been and people we've seen. But we didn't do it alone- a couple of you mongrels actually wrote in, and we appreciate that (we're kinda lazy and don't want to do it all ourselves).



Since we had all these great contributions, we decided to pull out the stops and go big bucks on the printing. Hopefully, the paper will do justice to all those words written by our readers and the sick scoots/adventures they detail.



In this issue, we also have Chicken Fried Choppers, the Independents Car and Bike Show, The Congregation Show, the Easyriders Rodeo Tour, Karb Kings Car Show, and more. Being able to go to these events and meet people was a blast, and these articles are meant to get you to show up if you can.



Not all shows are alike in their attendance and vibe, so we try to capture that and give them all a fair shake. The worst thing you can do, and We've learned this the hard way, is to have a preconceived notion of what it's going to be like. Go and make your fun once you're there.



We hope you end up enjoying this magazine as much as we loved creating it. It's been a real learning experience, blessing, and challenge creating Zarkin Froods, and we want to thank everyone who continues to make it possible. This magazine is ever-changing. Since issue 4 was released, we have changed printers, increased the page count, increased the dimensions, actually bought a bulk order of issue 5 instead of printing on demand, etc. We're flying by the seat of our pants here to make each issue better than the last, and we do it because there's cool shit out there deserving of being shared. To all you goofballs, road mutts, garage builders, and event organizers - keep putting that low life busted knuckle culture out there, and we'll do our best to find you some paper real estate in this digital world.



Be sure to write in anything you want to Oh ya...AND BUY THE DAMN MAGAZINE! We could have cool running choppers too by now, but all that coin went to ink on paper!


Big thanks to: @rideonjon, @stillborneusa, @tales_from_the_door, @joshward1977, and @_g.off_chops_.


-Nick and Isaac / @zarkinfroods

You can buy your copy of Issue five here.

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well happy thanksgiving,,,all

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