Hot Off the Press: Basket Case Issue 3


Two twists of the throttle, nine primer rotations on the kicker pedal and the uncanny ability to set the choke to the EXACT same spot, give it one good kick and… BRAMMM-brum-bram-prak-prak-prak-potato-potato-potato-potato…



Learning how to dance the tango with old Milwaukee iron is something that doesn’t happen right away for most people. It usually begins with your helmet on and your vest buttoned all the way up. Slowly the glasses begin to fog, and the layers begin to fill with sweat. The neighborhood lights start to come on one by one with every cuss word growing louder and louder… I bet you are smiling right now thinking of your first dance. HA! Most publications are the same way. The first few are rough around the edges until the editors find the inside track and well, away they go. This has not been the case with Basket Case Magazine. Josh Sheehan, Holly Anderson, and Ian Clark truly have something special going on inside the pages of their home brewed ‘zine.



Basket Case magazine has their primer cycle down to a science and has come out of the garage yet again with an absolute BANGER. Issue number 3 has all the right mix of events, bikes, photographs, and art. However, the niche that has grabbed the world’s attention is the chopper motorcycle club feature in each issue. Basket Case takes you into the clubhouse and gives you a never before seen look at the lives of the club members who are actually out there doing the deal day in and day out. Issue number 3 proudly hosts the Vise Grip MC out of South Austin, TX. If you know anything about these guys, it is that they build the BADDEST bikes and are an intricate part of today's chopper scene. Basket Case Magazine meets them head on and asks all the right questions giving their readers a chance to not only get to know the members on a personal level, but they ask the tough questions that everyone wants to know but are unsure how to go about asking. If you want to know what REALLY happened in Waco, Texas. Make sure you grab a copy for yourself.



Mr. Ken Nagahara has put together some of his finest work for issue #3. His photos will leave you on the edge of your seat, and you can almost feel the brisk air run across your brow as you take in his work. No words are needed in Ken’s photographer feature in issue #3. You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.



The Northern California crew is at it again! This time Holly Anderson brings her readers along for a ride on a few of the most beautiful roads in California. Golden Chain to Belden boasts two of the most intimate events blended like fine tobacco. The Deathtraps MC puts on a run every year called the Golden Chain run that takes chopper adventurers through the gold rush foothills of the Sierra’s with a pit stop at some very exciting establishments. They meet up with the Grass Valley boys who put together one hell of a party midway through that included bonfires and beers, skateboarding and strippers. The Colden Chain run twists up the 49 and down the Feather River Canyon and ends up at the Belden Town run. Its like two worlds converging and the outcome is surely something you don’t want to miss out on reading about!



Dirty Donny has done it again. This guy is an absolute madman! He has been working tirelessly in his studio throwing down some of the most insane art and Basket Case magazine landed the interview! Pretty sure you will leave this artist feature feeling like you just dropped three hits of acid. Dirty Donny has recently created some black light masterpieces that you won't be able to take your eyes off!



Scott Stocking brought out his ’53 for the builder feature of Issue #3. This 84” stroker pan-shovel monster has been ruling the streets of Santa Cruz California for years. Basket Case finally caught up with him and talked him into letting them handcuff centerfold model Ellie to the bike and shoot some pretty kinky photos… You are just going to have to pick up your copy and see it for yourself! Basket Case Magazine does not disappoint!!



The way things are going today survivor bikes are slowly becoming non-existent. Every new bike being built today has had parts pulled from something… It’s pretty rare when you come across a chopper that was built back in the day and has remained un-molested over the decades. Josh Sheehan has put together a little history piece that is sure to leave you with a spark of excitement around the revival of the infamous “Blue Dynamite.” This bike absolutely terrorized the length of California during the late 60’s and early 70’s. The owner went out with a BANG and the bike sat untouched for over 30 years… until Wolf found it. You may have seen it down at Chopper Fest hiding in the rows of brand new custom jobs. It stuck out like a sore thumb. Kind of an oddity if you ask me! But unless you knew the whole story behind it you wouldn’t be able to appreciate what that bike has been through. Issue number three allows you that opportunity. To top it off, our buddy and new Basket Case contributor Nisse has created a rat fink style rendition of Blue dynamite that is spot on! Don’t miss out on your chance to read about it!


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Commented on 1-23-2017 At 09:27 pm

Ordered mine. Enjoyed Issue 2, Can't wait to see Issue 3!!

Commented on 1-25-2017 At 03:42 pm

I guess this advertising works, I just ordered #3..

Commented on 1-25-2017 At 04:19 pm

@MightyBlu @shoveler - I do appreciate you taking the time to support them.

Commented on 1-27-2017 At 12:05 pm

@shoveler advertising does work, ordered #3 as well.

Commented on 2-1-2017 At 04:29 pm

I was Lucky enough to make it to the issue #3 publication party that BASKET CASE MAG. put on . Great time , Killer bands , Real good people , This magazine is here to stay .

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