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Back in early 2014, my phone rang and a new friendship began. Justin Spears was on the other end, asking for support with a new project, called Heroes Run, which he was spearheading with his longtime friend, Joe Davenport. The Heroes Run has grown over the past two years, thanks to the supporters and companies that have donated to the cause. Every cent raised by Justin, Joe and their awesome group of volunteers goes to the Connor’s Heroes Foundation, which gives support and companionship to families who have children battling cancer. What started as a meet and ride has turned into an event that has produced two bikes which have been donated the cause. This concept works for all as it brings people together for the greater good, someone in attendance rides off with a kick-ass bike, and Connor's Heroes receives the revenue. Last year Justin built a 1983 HD sportster that he named “Ol' Grammy,” and he just completed another home run, dubbed Black Beulah, that you see here. I would like to applaud Justin, Joe, and Rudy for continuing to shine the light on Conner's Heroes and for their dedication to the Heroes Run.



Coming off of last year’s momentum, and being able to donate just over $12,000 to the Connor’s Heroes Foundation, Joe and I quickly decided that Heroes Run III was a definite. We added another member to the team, our homie Rudy, bought an ‘83 sportster and I got to work. Fast forward through a cold-ass winter and a hot-ass summer and here I am. I need to say a few things that are super important and then I'll be done. 1. We do this event and give 100% of the money we make from ticket sales, t-shirt sales and direct donations to the charity Connor's Heroes. They are a charity, local to Virginia, which directly benefits families who have children fighting cancer. 2. The sponsors I have thanked in this feature have generously given parts and/or services to this event and this bike build. Without them being on board, this event would not be possible. I have developed relationships with a lot of these small business owners. They are people just like us, trying to supply the best parts and services they can while trying to make a living AND always willing to help and go the extra mile. Our sponsors were hand-picked, because we believe in what they are doing as a business. Please support them and what they do. 3. My partners and I thank our families for being supportive of the amount of time we dedicate to Heroes Run. That amount of time almost always means time away from those we love to try to do something for the greater good. We are three fathers / husbands / riders and we thank you for your support of the Heroes Run. See you on the road! - Justin.


Photos by Mick Anders Photography


Owner name, location: Heroes Run Charity Ride and Gathering, Richmond Virginia

Chop Cult Member profile: Wizardsbane, Bobbinlabeat

Built by: Justin Spears



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1983 Harley Davidson Sportster, 1000cc

Frame: Stock frame w/ Voodoo Vintage hardtail

Fork: Century stock length springer



Chassis mods: Hard tail w/ stock dimensions

Tire/wheel size and style: 21in front spool w/ Avon Speedmaster, 18in rear w/ Avon MKII

Favorite thing about this bike: The stance, sissy bar, and engraving on the rockers.



Next modification will be: Give it away.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: I really like the custom handmade oil tank by LC Fabrications. Fits perfect.



I would like to thank ChopCult and Lisa for the never-ending support of this community and our small charity event. I would also like to thank the following compaines for helping me with this build:  

Lowbrow Customs for supporting us from the very start and donating our ribbed rear fender. 

 Zombie Performance for being with us from the beginning and donating a custom set of T handlebars. 

Biltwell for being with us from the beginning and donating a whiskey throttle and grips. 

Throttle Addiction for donating a Frisco Sportster tank. 



Deadbeat Customs for donating one of their headlights.

Bobberheads for donating an S&S carb.

LC Fabrications for donating a handmade oil tank, battery box and anti-gravity battery.

Open Road Design for engraving our rocker boxes.

Old STF for donating a 21in spool front wheel and the upswept fishtail exhaust pipes.  



Bison Motorsports for donating a velocity sack and a set of capless plug wires.

Voodoo Vintage for donating a hard tail for the frame.  

Haifley Brothers for donating a DIY short sissy bar kit. 

After Hours Choppers for donating two of their rippled tail lights.



Hard Luck Designs for donating a custom designed tool bag.

Fred Pinckard for doing a bomb-ass paint job on the tank and fender. Congrats on the new addition to the fam, my dude! 

Montrose Upholstery for foaming and covering the seat.

Atom Bomb for the powder coating services on the frame and parts. 



Broken Sprocket Garage for the DIY wiring kit.

Avon Tyres for donating the front and rear tires.

Gorgeous George for the t-shirt artwork for this year’s shirt.

EZ for the flyer artwork.



Thanks to Mick Anders Photography for taking pictures that make this bike look good! Thanks to the homie, Robbie, for always helping out and a big thank you to Connor's Heroes, the charity we donate 100% all of proceeds to. Without the sponsors mentioned above and their generosity we would not be able to benefit such a good charity. - Justin



You can help a family breathe a little easier by purchasing a ticket, t-shirt, hat or hoodie and supporting the show day of. Please help the Heroes Run grow by following them on Facebook and Instagram and spread the word within your social media outlets. We can all make a difference by working together. Thanking you in advance. Lisa



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Commented on 9-1-2016 At 01:47 pm

Thank you Lisa and Chop Cult for the never ending support of the Heroes Run!!

Commented on 9-2-2016 At 07:34 pm

Super solid, tons love the details. Great work dudes.

Commented on 9-4-2016 At 05:19 pm

Great bike! Enjoy the bag!! :)

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