Goodbye 2021

In 2013, had 25,000 members and 125,000 monthly visitors when I took the editor's seat. Facebook and Twitter were our only means of social media, and consisted of 12,000 followers. That was our world, and it seemed massive at the time. However, I could not have predicted that by the end of 2021, we would have 63,000 members, 400,000 monthly visitors, 25,000 newsletter subscribers, an additional blog with 445,000 unique views, and over 650,000 followers through our social media outlets! My core goal is to maintain a welcoming space for any user on any platform. This was achieved through community effort, so I thank YOU

I also want to thank the following:

-My husband Duane and our children, Ashlee and Wayne, for their constant love and support. 

-The site owners for allowing me the freedom to my job as I see fit.

-The active members that share their knowledge, use the classifieds, and help keep the forum friendly and engaging.

-Every brand and advertiser who financially supported Make sure to support Biltwell, Lowbrow Customs, Dixxon Flannel, No School Choppers, Twin Power, S&S Cycles, Hawthorn Co Cycles, Motul USA, Shinko USA, Eternal Trip Co., Bell Helmets, Choppahead Kustom Cycles, Russ Brown Motorcycles Attorneys, Tobacco Motowear Co., Nash Motorcycles, and Painthuffer Metal Flake. They are the reason the site remains free to use.

- Every ChopCult Marketplace vendor a.k.a. Tobacco Motorwear Co, Hijink Apparel, Hawthorne Co Cycle, Tupode SK.ustom, Custom DestructionRolling Heavy, Nash, Gasoline & Coffee, Vicious Cycles, FNA Custom CyclesGas Roots Magazine, High Side Coffee, Pittsburg Moto, and Combustion Industries for supporting the CC community!

-Panhead Jim, Benny, Blane, Mark K., Jennifer, Josh, Mark G, SteveDerek, Scotty, Darren, Kayla, Charlie, Renan, Marjorie, and Cameron, for attending events on CC's behalf, creating content, and for your time and friendship. Here is some of the content we shared during 2021:

Chopper Time by Benny Stucker

Shorty by Derek Sikes

Preserving the Legacy of Pulsating Paula by Marjorie Kleiman

Back To The Basics: Fork Oil

Fire and Ice by Mark Garcia

Dan Carballo's 1972 Shovelhead by Dan Venditto

Pittsburg Moto Issue 10

Vince Nygra's '79 Shovel

Dirty Little by Jennifer Farris

Frank Giambattista

Orion Nebula by Renan Roberto

Eric Greenfield's Smooth Operator

Fast Eddie's by Blane Johns

Let's get back to thanking people :-)

-Thanks to the three individuals I owe a feature to, I appreciate your patience more than you will ever know. 

- Thanks to the editors at Greasy Kulture, DicE Magazine, Pittsburgh Moto, Cycle Source Magazine, Rolling Heavy, The Ton Magazine, Choppers Magazine, and Smut Butt for supporting CC over the years. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you. 

-Ryan and his trusty red pen.

-IG's Dream Team, a.k.a. Jason, Dan, and Jennifer, for helping me with CC's Instagram account. Instagram is a 24/7 job, and they make it so that we always have new, great content going up..

-Every ChopCult Marketplace vendor. We appreciate your support!

-Every event promoter that has allowed CC a seat at the table.

-Every person who follows CC on social media and brings positive vibes.

-Every person that allows us to highlight their builds, talents, and businesses on and through social media.

-Thanks to the OGs that use the #chopcult hashtag in their posts because they are part of the community and not because it's a popular hashtag. Who even thought a hashtag would be a thing, but here we are talking in code, lol?

-Thanks to the Lowlife Chopper Podcast, Big Truth's Podcast, CHOPPERS: In The Weeds, and Cycle Source Magazine's ShopTalk for included CC.

-Every person who donated items for giveaways in the main forum and through Instagram. I will never forget your generosity.

-Thanks to Loser MachineBiltwellLowbrow CustomsDuane Ballard Custom LeatherShinkoDixxonTwin PowerNo School ChoppersBorn-FreeHigh Side CoffeeHarley-DavidsonMotulRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, and Rolling Heavy Magazine for contributing to the Ride-To Born Free promotion. Congratulations to team Jeremiah and Bree Robinson, Kenny, and Jake for winning over $5000.00 in prizes. 

-Dave at Kustom Kult for creating the Mystik Skully and gifting CC's owner the design. You rule, buddy.

-Curt at 4th Floor Choppers for his never-ending support!

-Jerry at 812inc for inventing the Motorcycle Art Extravaganza and allows CC to co-sponsor.

Photo by Lauren Beitel / Loser Machine

I tend to keep myself out of the spotlight, but that all changed during Born-Free 12. I was working at ChopCult's booth when I heard Grant Peterson call my name over the loudspeaker. My first thought was to find someone with a walkie-talkie to see if Super Holly or a vendor needed assistance (for those that do not know, I am a BF employee and help check in vendors). I walked up to the main stage & Grant asked me to join him on stage and introduced me to the crowd. I have never seen that many people looking in my direction, so scary and cool at the same time. Grant presented me with the Guest of Honor award for my thirteen years of service in the motorcycle industry. Big thanks to Mike and Grant for their generous gift and friendship.


I cannot predict the future, and I don't know how long this party train will continue. All I know is I will give my all every day - a promise from me to you. Don't hesitate to contact me to join the ChopCult family, for event sponsorship, or get involved in our active marketplace. Please accept a 10% gift from the owner on all ChopCult branded gear until 1/3/2022. No discount code needed, savings applied at checkout. Keep an eye on our Instagram account as I'll be dropping a few treats soon.


I wish you and yours all the best for 2022.

Lisa / @lisamballard

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Commented on 12-31-2021 At 05:30 pm

Happy new year to you too, Lisa, and all the 33 members, along with those that interact in the Forums. It was a fine ride for me.

Commented on 1-21-2022 At 05:02 am

Thanks Lisa, this site is lifeline to many.

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