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Everyone dreams of owning a motorcycle collection. Some of us are lucky enough to make it a reality. Such is the story of the men whose bikes are on display at Motorcycle And Design in Milan, Italy.

ChopCult member Marco Donati of Italy visited Milan to see the MAD show personally. This is his story and these are his photos. Anything lost in translation from Marco’s native tongue is made clear by his images. They are simply classifica dei motocicli.



The collection at MAD is presented not on a contemporary path, but all the bikes are mixed up and all of them are shown for two main reasons: their technical innovation and their visionary design. Viewing the exhibition moves two different feelings: one is admiration for these incredible pieces of art, the other is envy for the owner that can ride these beauties whenever he wants.




Harley on the side of a Bimota, a Confederate in the same room as an old scoot from Sunbeam; this mix at a first glance confuses the visitors. But if you relax and let your mind fly free than you begin to see the little line that connects everything: the genial vision of each brand founder. Their amazing passion and dedication to their dreams make possible for us to ride and to enjoy these pieces of art. Walking between these bikes you can smell this passion.



Two separate displays for single marques are include in this exhibition: one for Patton motorcycles and another for Vincent. Patton are the green rockets that for 30 years have been racing on all the most famous circuits in the world, most of the time with winning results.




Each Patton motorcycle is hand made and designed with passion by Giovanni Pattoni, and old-style man. With silent passion and incredible faith in his vision Giovanni has built up a small racing factory that has fought on the same battleground with huge factories like Honda and Yamaha. As I stood completely taken by the beauty of Senor Pattoni’s machines, it was impossible not to recognize them as pieces of art.




Next I witnessed the Vincent motorcycle display. For more than 80 years this historic name has shaken the heart of every person fortunate enough to be a Vincent rider. Even 50 years after the closing of the factory these amazing bikes are still the perfect specimens of design and speed. In fact, even today some crazy riders use Vincent engines with handmade frames to fight machines 50 years younger than their own on racetracks all over the world. Incredible though it may seem, sometimes these tifosi of the Vincent marque win and set speed world records.




Variety is what makes MAD truly special. In the same room it’s possible to enjoy the vision of a modern streamliner, a brand-new racing machine, a ‘60s café racer and stock motorcycles from the 1950’s. It is an amazing assembly of simplicity, strength, and technical geniality. I had never before seen a Vincent motorcycle, and I was a bit skeptical about their fame. Admiring these machines I was completely seduced by the clean shape of the engines, and of the bikes themselves.






Nowadays these machines transmit their power through the beauty of their construction and through the simplicity of their amazing designs. It’s impossible to admire these beautiful motorcycles without feeling envy for those who have derived their passion from these masterpieces. Being reminded that the very luckiest owners of these machines still get to ride them only makes that feeling worse.











We've uploaded and linked the large files of these images, too. To see any of these pictures full-sized, simply click the image and it will open in a new window.

Special thanks to Marco Donati. You can see more of his pics at

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Commented on 12-30-2009 At 07:03 am


Commented on 12-30-2009 At 09:16 am

Marco!!!!! thank you so very much! what great photos!

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 09:29 am

I really wish you would have prefaced this article with an NSFW warning!!!!

I'll take one of each!

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 09:33 am

is that last one a confederate? all of those bikes are superb. that egli-vincent is my fav

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 09:45 am

I really like all of them! Great pics. I hope that this show makes it to the US sometime. Maybe another Guggenheim show?

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 10:15 am

WOW! Great pics and cool captions, thanks.

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 10:58 am


Commented on 12-30-2009 At 11:11 am

Must be nice, i think the Vincent is sweet.

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 02:13 pm

those vincent motors look so cool.

Commented on 12-30-2009 At 11:44 pm

The last Vincent is amazing.
And the huge pics?
Fuck yes.

Commented on 12-31-2009 At 09:15 am

it goes without saying, the bikes are works of art. but i've never seen such creative use of cargo pallets.

Commented on 1-1-2010 At 04:12 am

thanks to everybody for the incredible nice comments. It's an honour to be published on CHOPCULT + have a wonderfull 2010

ride free
and if you pass by italy let me know

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 08:21 am

Single sided swingarm X Wedge! Holy Moly!

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 05:34 pm

i feel good knowing that this lifestyle is still taking leaps and bounds in style and technology. BEAUTIFUL

Commented on 1-4-2010 At 09:12 pm

all those bikes are bitchin. nice work.

Commented on 1-8-2010 At 08:05 pm

ohhh my god. phewwwwwwww

Commented on 2-25-2011 At 07:58 pm

this is some verry nice pictures!!!

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