Focus: Lowbrow Getdown III


The Lowbrow Getdown was a crazy whirlwind of a party this year. Like years prior, it took place at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio on July 11th and 12th. The weekend at the park was double booked and there was a music rave happening on the other side of the campground at the same time. Campsites belonging to the hippies and ravers intertwined with the motorcycle campsites. This made for amazing people watching and interesting stories about peculiar characters. My experience over the weekend was a little different than most, but I still had a ton of fun! I met some incredible people and experienced new things.


I was mesmerized by the silent dance parties created by lasers that beamed in and out of the trees both nights. Down by the beach, girls danced with balls of fire in the sand. Motorcycles flew up and down a rocky path, while hippies and ravers stared with wonder. I partied with Ed & Mae in their Budget box truck where their bikes lay resting broken from their cross-country travels. They came all the way from New Mexico, heading home to Philly and decided to stop by. Fires roared to the bottoms of tree branches. Alcohol flowed and pills and weed were being passed around. I heard some were doing other assorted drugs. It was a really crazy two nights; being out of our element and way past our comfort zone. Most of us had expected to go camping and have a laid-back weekend. Instead, we were thrown into a full out rave. It definitely made for an interesting Getdown this year!



One thing I will never forget about this year's Getdown was riding with my wife, my friend Meeka, and a few others back to the campground on Saturday morning. I saw a dog on the side of the road and I waved for everyone to slow down. As I looked behind me to see where everyone was at, Meeka had grabbed her brakes a little too hard, which then threw the bike down to the right side. She fell on top of it. I instantly started to panic a little, as I witnessed this in slow motion. All I could think was "fuuuuccckkk". The bike started to slide left and Meeka flipped over rolling right at me while I was still moving forward. She missed me by inches and kept tumbling in front of me. I have never parked my bike so fast in all my life. She looked to be in shock as she sat up and blood started to pour from her forehead. I have never seen so much blood come from a person’s head before. I pulled my T-shirt off as fast as I possibly could and handed it to her.


"Place this right here and apply pressure, you are bleeding a lot," I told her frantically as I pointed at her forehead. I ran over to her bike which was completely opposite side of us and in the way of on-coming traffic. I picked it up without even a slight struggle and moved it over to the other bikes. I'm pretty weak, so thinking about it now, my adrenaline had to be running through me. My wife stayed with her while I went for help when I returned with my friend Andy, an ambulance had already arrived.


I spent most the day at the hospital, but I really didn't want to be anywhere else. Meeka has become a really close friend to my wife and me over the past year and all I could do was worry even after I knew she was ok. The accident replayed in my head over and over that weekend. I have never seen anything like that in person before. It truly was terrifying to see my friend go down.  I’m so glad she's alive and well, except for the stitches in her lip and forehead and a ton a road rash. The bike is being fixed right now as we speak; Pisspoor Kustoms Bob is helping out and getting it back into shape! Meeka wants to keep riding. The crash didn't scare her! I'm proud of her. She's one tough SOB. She didn't even cry at all! She will forever be “one badass mamacita” in my eyes!


Tyler, Kyle and the rest of the staff at Lowbrow Customs always know how to throw a great party. They hooked us all up with free Pabst both nights, pizza the first night and a catered BBQ pulled pork meals the second night! I can't thank them enough for throwing this awesome party every year and being so generous to share food and drink with the masses. Tyler, Kyle and the staff at Lowbrow Customs are some of the nicest and most hardworking people there are in Ohio! They are always doing and supporting amazing things in the independent motorcycle community. I am so glad to call them my friends.



Make sure to come out to next year’s Lowbrow Getdown! You will never know exactly what to expect, but I promise you will have a good time and never forget it. Keep life interesting. Keep an open mind about everything and experience new things. Life is a fun adventure. Lowbrow Customs gets it!


- Mikey

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Commented on 9-8-2014 At 10:42 am

Glad you made it back to the land of living (mostly) safe, sound, and intact

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 11:06 am

Great write up! THANK YOU for putting effort into consideration of angle and framing shooting the bikes and shots with substance!

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 11:35 am

Some photos of my bike in there! Thanks Mike!

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 01:15 pm


Commented on 9-8-2014 At 02:08 pm

nice photos dude, way to get RR in there! no laser light show photos though!?

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 02:30 pm

Thanks so much Wingnut, and to Boocifer, I was so distraught from the days events that I really didn't take many pictures. I'm glad these came out ok, but I wish I could of been in a better mood to take more, including laser photos lol there's always next year...

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 04:48 pm

im super into that first blue bt evo, any more photos of that on here?

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 05:22 pm

Silent raves, 8 dudes on that trike, talking tents, weed fog, south Chicago/NWI dudes/chicks partyin hard as fuck. Can't wait till next year.

Commented on 9-8-2014 At 08:33 pm

I had a great time! What a weekend. Thanks Mikey for taking awesome pictures and being a great dude!

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