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El Mirage, the land of many uses. Well, as long as you have wheels. I started going to El Mirage to watch the Land Speed Races back in 2011. That First SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) meet hooked me. In one weekend, we somehow walked away with friends we still cherish to this day.



Fast forward to 2014, we didn’t miss a meet! My husband and I, even our kiddos sometimes, have found a home away from home. Each month we pack up our little cargo trailer, or sometimes just a tent, with a weekend full of goodies. We never forget the washing machine fire pits, sometimes 2, and always stock up the ice chest with beer and plenty of water.



The SCTA began in 1938 with the formation of the first 5 amateur racing clubs. In less than ten years, by 1946, there were over 700 members forming the SCTA. The first races were held at Muroc Dry Lakebed, however most of the races here in Southern California happen at El Mirage Lakebed. Every year since 1938, with the exception of the years during World War 2, the SCTA has hosted six events per year at El Mirage. The season opener in May and the closing event in November are the only 2-day meets with races on both Saturday and Sunday. The remaining events (June, July, September and October) are held solely on Sundays. As long as the lakebed is dry, the racers and fans flock to it. The racing community unites for a fun-filled weekend of stories and drinks around campfires and the hopes of breaking records and beating personal bests.



The race track at El Mirage is 1.3 miles long, with a run out extending well past that. All along the north side of the track is where most the campers line up to watch the rooster trails these bikes and cars form as they fly down the track. The fastest record on the dirt is 312.100 mph, which occurred in a blown fuel lakester. There are only 6 records exceeding 300 mph. Racers drive cars, race bikes, and sometimes a new monster is formed by some passionate racer hoping to set a record in a whole new class. You can feel the passion when a racer makes it into the elusive 200 MPH club. You’ll see Harleys, Indians, Hayabusas, Corvettes, Streamliners, and trucks. The possibilities are endless. I have never been surrounded by so much eye candy with wheels, nor so blown away by the rumbling of pure horse power.



Spectators can come party with the rest of us every month for only the $15.00 per day access fee set up by the BLM. Respect the land, and each other and you can come watch and support these racers and find yourself mixed in with a world of friends and fuel.



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SCTA/BNI Schedule of Events

El Mirage Dry Lakebed


May 16th-17th

June 14th

July 12th

September 13th

October 18th

November 14th-15th




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Commented on 1-12-2015 At 01:20 pm

Just Awesome! thanks for sharing!

Commented on 1-13-2015 At 06:06 pm

great photos! cant wait to get out there one year and get hooked

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