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The Brooklyn Inviational has quickly risen to east coast motorcycle mecca status, and for a good reason. Our friend Matt from Mad River Motor Co. was kind enough to nab some pics, both inside the show and on the curb outside.


The Brooklyn Invitational opened at 3pm on Saturday, officially. Officially, the show didn’t include the half mile of ridden iron backed up to curb out front - a constant rotation of street choppers and attack bikes - but they were among the show’s highlights.The show bikes spoke for themselves - a collection of the best the world of bikes could offer - an east coast sampler of custom cool in a concrete and white wall context that made mere motorcycle craftsman modern folk artists...


More info on the event here:


and more about the contributor here:

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Commented on 11-14-2012 At 04:00 pm

Great pics! Choppers on the inside, on the street, in the alley, in backs of trucks and vans...East coast rules again!

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 04:45 am

Thats my Ol' stompin' grounds. Need to do a FL to BK run for next years show!

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 05:04 am

um, 'east coast' huh? aren't 90% of the 'featured' from elsewhere?

just sayin'

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 05:24 am

Keino, Walt Seigl, and every bike on the street?

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 05:38 am

Nice Job Matt, sucks I wasn't able to make it.

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 05:56 am

matt, you ignorant slut, reread my comment

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 05:59 am

Shouldn't you be packing for the gold coast?

(it wouldn't really be an east coast thread if someone didn't tell me I was being a dumb fuck)


for the Love of God
Don't Think I'm Going to Let The Facts Get In My Way!

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 06:04 am

FIM, sure the "Featured builders" were from all over...but 90% of the bikes there were east coast iron. (street pics)

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 06:09 am

yes, Matt, but you're missing the point of the 'mecca' bizness

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 06:12 am


You're totally right...

But move a relic from Jerusalem to Rome and the pilgrims come to Rome...

I'm thinking Haj here...

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 08:14 am

Isn't the point of Mecca that pilgrims come from all over to converge in one place for worship? I made that paragraph up so don't take it out on Matt. Thanks for the photos HM.

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 08:36 am

yes, Bill, i see you are the man of letters on this piece. and, you're missing the point as well. 'traveling circus' would be more appropriate than 'mecca', but i digress.

Matt knows what's up.

love is all around us

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 09:15 am

Stoked to see Eddie Clevelands wheelie machine on the front page.

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 09:37 am

That was a good time. Thanks to all involved

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 09:37 am

That was a good time. Thanks to all involved

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 11:34 am

Every year with the sour grapes.

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 02:11 pm

Coma-inducing images. every bike made me stop in astonishment.

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 02:11 pm

Coma-inducing images. every bike made me stop in astonishment.

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 02:54 pm

glad you put these photos up, it indeed was a killer time

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 03:46 pm

Keino puts on a great show every year and it keeps getting bigger and better and yes there are a lot of bad ass bikes on the east coast

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 07:19 pm

Look fw'd to this all year. Such an awesome vibe with a very unique setting for the show. My only suggestion..... It would be nice to see more midwest and east coast builders involved in addition to the west coast cats....

Commented on 11-15-2012 At 08:02 pm

an awesome time yet again....great bikes, great people, and tons to do throughout Brooklyn for the weekend! looking forward to next year.

Commented on 11-16-2012 At 11:00 am

I'm more impressed that with all the hard work I put in trying to limit my own sobriety that any of these photos were in focus...

Commented on 11-17-2012 At 05:01 am

awesome time. Gypsy Run and Brooklyn Invitational are my favorite days of the year.

Commented on 11-18-2012 At 12:10 am

ive seen some of these bikes before but still these bikes are amazing. awesome to see the hard work people put into them

Commented on 11-19-2012 At 06:29 am

I didn't make it down to the Invitational this year, and Matt hasn't shut up about it since. Le Beefster, Rakel, Conrad, and most especially Matt D. Thank you for keeping my drunken lout of a man alive those three days. Sometimes when he goes on walkabout, the shit gets weird and the medical bills run high. Luckily, not this time!

Commented on 11-19-2012 At 12:27 pm

You called me a lout...
How romantic...
Now I know why when I posted this morning, I posted as you...
Was a great time
But man,
Those fuckers can party...

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 11:05 pm

Seems like some cool bikes-unfortunately photos of just little bits and pieces don't really do much for those of us not there.

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