Custom Turn Signals with Special '79


In Massachussetts I’ve been hassled a couple times for not running turn signals, so trying to figure out how to run them without standing out too much seems to be a common theme with me. Here’s a simple way to tuck them in cleanly and easily, even if they still aren’t totally legal. I illustrated this how-to using a 39mm aluminum lower tree, but these tips can be reworked for a variety of different setups.



• Angle grinder with cutoff discs and a flap wheel

• Drill with a sharp step bit

• 1/4-20 tap and associated drill bits, Allen bolts and washers

• Your favorite measuring device



• 2 each amber push-in style LED clusters

• a long-enough chunk of 2” x 2” x 1/8” thick aluminum angle


And away we go…




Measure the space between your fork legs above the lower tree and cut a piece of aluminum angle to fit. Although many of the steps for this how-to can be done with the forks on the bike, it will be easier if you disassemble the fork completely from the frame.




Draw, cut, and shape the top curve of the aluminum to fit with your headlight choice.




Remove unnecessary material on the base of your L-bracket so the piece will clear the steer tube.








Use a cutoff wheel to scribe a crescent shape into the L-bracket's headlight relief. This is easier to do with several shallow passes rather than one deep one.






Clean up your cuts with a flap disk, ScotchBrite wheel, or other abrasive of your choice.






Here's a peek at the LED's I use. Simple snap-in models with a nylon bezel.




After the alloy L-bracket is fitting the way you want it to, measure and locate the spots for your LED clusters. Blue layout fluid works well to help keep everything nice and symmetrical during your design process, but a Sharpie will also do if your design's not too complicated.




Measure for center on your L-bracket and scribe your drill point.




Choose a drill bit or step drill that leaves a hole slightly smaller than the shaft on the bezel of your LED.




Double-check your measurements before hitting the drill press.




Drill the appropriate sized holes, clean up the edges, and pop the LED clusters in.








I like to add some speed holes to give my bracket more style.




Set the whole thing up on your lower tree to help determine the best spot to drill and tap to bolt the two together. If you can drill them wide enough, you can make your way around the neck stem when you tap the holes. If you have access to a press, taking the stem out will help your frustration level.




After the hole are tapped, put your front end back together, get it on your bike and wire things up. Done.


See more of Jay's work here.

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Commented on 7-5-2012 At 05:38 am

Nice write up. Clean work. I hate turn signals too.

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 06:41 am

Where do you get those LED's

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 08:28 am

Very nice. I would run those.

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 08:57 am

Sweet and easy...Me likey.

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 09:03 am

Jay, very nice as usual. Tim

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 09:10 am

Very cool!

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 09:16 am

Extremely simple, yet looks awesome! I love it. Neat and clean. Thanks for sharing!

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 09:17 am

Great! Where do I buy them?

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 11:00 am

dude those are freakin awesome...might just have to use those if I ever get jammed up

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 11:08 am

That is pretty sweet ! Nice and low key . me likey

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 12:46 pm

Nice and clean! Looks great

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 01:35 pm

I love the look of that thing. I've never been hassled for my lack of turn signals, either because I live in California or because I just don't ride enough. Or both.

Got me thinking now about making one of those for my wideglide.

As to the LED's, I scored a batch of LEDs only from ebay a while ago. But I'm curious about where/how to get the lenses and bezel.

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 03:31 pm

For the LEDs, do a search for "3/4" Mini Amber Clear LED Clearance Marker Light" on the interweb and you should be able to source them. We will be stocking them at the shop and will have them on the web store soon.

Commented on 7-6-2012 At 05:25 am

everything needs "speed holes". badass write up!

Commented on 7-6-2012 At 10:54 am

slick as snot!!

Commented on 7-6-2012 At 11:59 pm

Very cool stuff. I check out your blog every week for new ideas for my own bike builds.

Commented on 7-7-2012 At 12:58 am

looks great. hard nosed! where the shop?

Commented on 7-7-2012 At 01:40 am

super clean looking, and they fit well with the light. that's a big headlight bucket. What is it?

Commented on 7-7-2012 At 09:58 am

Commented on 7-7-2012 At 02:36 pm

thats lookin pretty slick up front.

Commented on 7-7-2012 At 02:56 pm

lets here it for speed holes!
alot o cats arent able to see how easy somethings could be, myself being one, so wright-ups like this are greatly appreaciated!

Commented on 7-7-2012 At 07:13 pm

I'm doing this, awesome write up

Commented on 7-8-2012 At 11:51 am

super cool, thanks for the write up.

Commented on 7-15-2012 At 01:48 pm

great solution now can you share any idea for the rear ones.

Commented on 7-17-2012 At 06:07 pm

I've seen some cool LEDs at before. Great post and work, clean as a whistle.

Commented on 7-23-2012 At 08:33 pm

Very nice!

Commented on 7-26-2012 At 03:52 am

Nice lights! I'm going to try those on mine. Since they are led do I need to use any resisters to make them blink properly ?

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