Coming Soon: The Congregation Show

We are all familiar with the bigger bike shows in the United States - Born Free, Mama Tried, and Fuel Cleveland just to name a few. But one name that you shouldn’t leave out of that line up is the Congregation Motorcycle Show.

If you aren’t familiar with this show, it is hosted by the boys at Prism Supply Co. and Dice Magazine. Held inside an old factory in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, which was home to a Ford manufacturing plant and a bomb manufacturer during the ‘40’s, the Congregation spans the realm of custom motorcycles, racing machines, as well as old hot rods, which creates a very classic feel for a show. Between the venue and the machines, you’ll think you’ve been transported back in time every time you look in a new direction.

Just beyond this outstanding venue, stretching across most of the bottom end of what is called Camp North End, you will find a number of food and drink vendors and places to sit and enjoy live music. This year, the alley also housed the amazing Wall of Death act performed by Ives Brothers. I find that the alley can be a nice break from the indoors, to get some fresh air, some fresh tacos, or just catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Meanwhile, the showcase of so many bikes, cars, and everything in between is sure to leave any enthusiast drooling for days. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because you will have to do multiple laps of the show to really appreciate all the craftsmanship and hours that have gone into these incredible machines. A few of my favorite bikes that were in this show this year include Greg DeHoot’s shovelhead and the two Triumphs built and brought by Jared Weems.

The layout of the show has changed a little every year, and gets better every time. This year in particular the bikes were spaced around the main interior portion while vendors lined every wall of the show; while you could drool over machines, you could also buy parts, pieces, and accessories for your own. Speaking of your own, Harley-Davidson was a sponsor this year, which provided a chance to win a brand-new Lowrider S just for showing up!

The Congregation Show truly is on the list of best shows of our time. Some people, myself included, would argue it’s the best show on the East Coast. This show is a great time for folks of all ages, and guaranteed to be a good Saturday for all attendees. Come on down to Charlotte and experience it for yourself this year on October 8, 2022.



* Editor's note: Please help me welcome Josh to the ChopCult Family. I'm looking forward to working with him. Check him out on Instagram. Thanks, Lisa

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