ChopCult Photo Essay: Front Ends


Wheel packages, frame angles and ground clearance get most of the credit for every well-built chopper's "stance," but forks deserve some of the credit, too. If the length, width or technology of your fork aren't right for your bike, you'll know it the first time any honest friend stops by your garage to check out your project.

Twisted trees, floppy cables, front wheel crab-walking down the highway… all these and more are telltale signs of a backstreet builder who didn't dot his "i's" and cross his "t's" during his mock-up. When you consider the job it has to do—namely, to aim 800 pounds of man and machine past cellphone-wielding soccer moms and drunk NASCAR dads with precision and speed—the front end is the most important part of your motorcycle. Choose yours wisely, and make sure it looks the way you dreamed of and works the way it's supposed to.

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Commented on 4-16-2010 At 05:14 am

The tank shift, foot clutch is missing, oh but you probably meant the headlight.Cops usually prefer the foot shift for safeness.

Commented on 4-16-2010 At 06:10 am

way cool, short and sweet and great pictures, i love these write ups you guys do! i'm planin on shavin my lowers in about a month...somethin small...but its all those small things that add up to make a bike personal

Commented on 4-16-2010 At 10:08 am

Brakes are a must. But a spool sure looks cool.

Commented on 4-16-2010 At 11:29 am

Love the springer's ! Thats the plan for my bike.

Commented on 4-16-2010 At 11:42 am

Dang, not ONE wide glide?

Commented on 4-16-2010 At 06:38 pm

cool feature...butt no FL's or wide glides, Banna Girders, custom front ends??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
if you re going to show them show um all!!

Commented on 4-16-2010 At 07:35 pm

Yeah! And where is my Buell front end pictured? lol

Commented on 4-17-2010 At 04:13 am

C'mon Gents! You do what you can with what you've got! Look at it this way, maybe there'll be another photo essay coming.

Good job.


Commented on 4-17-2010 At 05:28 am

A photo essay on forks, but several captions were about brakes & headlights. I get the connection, but, as others have said, the absence of wide glide or FL front ends makes the essay incomplete.

Nice pics though.

Commented on 4-17-2010 At 07:31 am

Where does one source those fly eye lights?

Commented on 4-17-2010 At 07:36 am

Quit the bitchin'...nice pics and a good write up...I'd kill a man for the girder in pic 6!

Commented on 4-17-2010 At 08:36 am

as long as its narrow,....its all good.

Commented on 4-17-2010 At 08:40 am

Funniest line " Forget everything we just said about front brakes"

Commented on 4-17-2010 At 09:30 pm

sweet froetends for doubt..

Commented on 4-18-2010 At 05:05 am

like the the springers!!! boingboingboing!!!!

Commented on 4-18-2010 At 09:57 am

Fork It, fork it, fork it!

Commented on 4-18-2010 At 05:40 pm

i've been looking through all the old magazines trying to find these banjanxed
leaf spring forks i remember seeing. no luck. they weren't like the indian; they held the axle between two over-extended leafsprings! nothing held the wheel
parallel to the bike! the ads ran for 3 months before litigation put them out of business. if anyone can find the old ads, send me a copy. they ran sometime
between '68 and '73 i'm guessing... oh yeah, great article.

Commented on 4-20-2010 At 08:18 pm

front brakes are the new cool... Cool.

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