ChopCult Photo Contest 2015


We thought it was time for another photo contest and have partnered with Bison Motorsports. The rules created by the previous owners will be honored; the only edit is the site contributors can participate this year. The main reason is that they’re not compensated for their time. Everything they do for the ChopCult community is donated. This doesn't mean that they will win, or that the contest is rigged; it just means it’s open to everyone. I recently reached out to Toby and Eric, with Bison Motorsports, and they have offered three Bison Motorsports gift certificates.

Update: Cast your vote here

The rules for this month's ChopCult photo contest are simple:


1) Shoot a picture. Anything: motorcycles, still lifes, live action, hot chicks and bikes, you name it. All we insist is that every photo submitted must relate to the machine or the "lifestyle" (whatever that means) in some way. No Mexican sunsets, Ansel Adams desert scenics, cheesecake photography, etc. It's got to have a bike or speak to the scene in some way, or it won't make the cut.


2) All photos must be 1200 pixels wide or 800 pixels tall by 72 dpi max, no exceptions. Cellphone snappies, postage stamps, 10-gig posters and all similarly incorrect images will be deleted from the thread.


3) Post your photo on the contest thread that's stickied on the main forum. The name of this thread is "ChopCult Photo Contest," and you can find it by clicking here. The deadline to submit your photo is August 31, 2015.


4) Original photos only. No rehashed, repopped, recolored or rejected photos from other shooters will be accepted. If we think we've seen a shot before, we'll delete it from the thread. Also, no pro shooters, please. If you make a living shooting photos, please let the amateur shooters among your ChopCult peers have their 15 minutes of fame.


5) One entry per member. Don't start another profile to enter a second image, because we know how to check for that sort of thing and we'll delete both entries if we catch anyone resorting to such shady practices.


6) Judging. September 1, 2015. Bison Motorsports and I will pick our 10 favorite photos from all entries received and let ChopCult members vote in a poll. Members will have until September 15 to select their favorite. The top three vote-getters will win the following gift certificates from Bison Motorsports:


First Place: $125

Second Place: $75

Third Place: $50


These gift certificates are redeemable for anything Bison Motorsports make or sells. All three winners will also receive a ChopCult t-shirt and sticker grab bag.


Good luck, have fun, and thanks for participating in the contest.


Here are some examples found in my hard drive


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Commented on 8-19-2015 At 11:26 am

Dig your mag!

Commented on 8-28-2015 At 09:46 pm

You are just now judging pictures taken 5 years ago?

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