Kevin Bosch's 82 Shovelhead had my interest the second I saw it at Cook's Corner during the M.O.T.O. FAM party. I hung out around it for quite some time trying to figure out who the owner was. I am a sucker for purple bikes and Kevin's bike took advantage of that. You add tank molding, a peace symbol sissy bar taller than me, and a stripped-down look, all surrounding a cone shovel, and you have a winner. Slim of Slims Fab Farm is a friend of Kevin's and built the bike. At first, it seemed the chopper gods were not on our side. Every time we would set up a date to get the bike shot one of us would inevitably have bike problems. Persistence on both sides made this feature happen. Thanks Kevin for everything. Slim knocked it out of the park again. The Barny displays that perfectly. Look out for it circling Canyon Lake, CA.



Owner name, location: Kevin Bosch, Canyon Lake CA

Chop Cult Member profile: kbosch71

Bike name: Barny



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1982 cone shovelhead with S&S carb

Frame: Slims fab hard tail with original castings

Fork: 35mm polished & shaved legs, Mullins super narrow trees



Chassis mods: Slims fab + 2” stretch frame

Tire/Wheel size and style: 21” spool laced with a black loop with vintage Goodyear tire, rear is a 16” stock hub laced with a black loop with a vintage Coker classic.



Favorite thing about this bike: I like it all but the gas tank is one of my favorite things, Slim kept it clean and simple with a cool welded-and-molded bead down the middle. Then he painted it with a dark purple flake he nailed it on the look I wanted!

Next modification will be: Belt drive, jockey shift, springer, paint the frame, the list will never stop.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: The seat is a work of art; Slim did the pan work and Kenny laid down a crazy purple funky stitch, the seat is so comfy and looks bad ass, The sissy bar is pretty rad to throw a peace sign on top of. Besides that, there is a lot of cool parts and little stuff that pops, the controls are all custom made; real simple and work amazing.



Any building or riding story or info you’d like to include: I feel like every time you get on a motorcycle you end up with a bad-ass story. My mother just passed away a couple months ago which was really hard on me I remember taking the bike to our river house in Laughlin for the Harley Run, and she was begging me to take her for a ride. We went on a sunset cruise, no helmets and all. She loved it more than anything she just wanted to keep riding, that's a memory that will always be with me and make this bike so special.



Thanks to Slim over at, he has built all my bikes, he is a true friend who loves Harleys and working on them more than anyone I know no matter how busy he is he is always able to find time. Also, Angel who works at the farm kid is top-notch, he helped build this bike, Kenny for doing the seat, and my girl for letting me spend money, thanks! -Kevin


Article and photographs by Nick Faught / @nfaught_photography

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Commented on 12-6-2016 At 11:09 am

Killer bike! Slim always puts out great work.

Commented on 12-6-2016 At 12:07 pm

Hell yeah Kev

Commented on 12-8-2016 At 06:58 am

Great bike! Glad your mom got to take a spin on it with you. Peace!

Commented on 12-8-2016 At 01:30 pm

What an incredible work of art! Everything is so incredibly well-done. Nice job! So nice to see hand made brake and shifter controls. I would be very proud for sure.

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