Artist Showcase: Josie Perez Photography


I published an interview with Jasin Phares back in 2014. I honestly felt like I hit the lottery because I'm a huge fan of Jasin's craftsmanship. Securing the interview was easy, but one needs imagery to bring the story to life. I was thrilled to find out that Josie Perez was going to contribute her time and talents. I follow Josie through social media and her photographs are like no others. She always seems to deliver raw, spontaneous photos versus the staged photos you see too often. Josie possesses a great attitude for life and treasures those who have helped her along the way. Please take a moment to get to know Josie Perez.



Name: Josie Perez

Location: California

Company Name: Josie Perez Photography



Tell us a little bit about yourself:

 I am an ex- professional model/actress turned photographer. I've been shooting for well over 15 years starting with analog/film. I am self- taught; processing and printing my own work. I lived in Paris for six years (1989-1995), during my modeling career, which was the perfect timing to learn what I needed to know as a photographer. I then moved to New York from 1995-2004. In 2004, I met Peter Ramondetta and married him in 2007 (We’ve since divorced). 2007 was also when I met Jasin Phares. During the next four years (2008-2012), I worked as a bartender and documented the music/bar scene. I created a zine called "Beerspit," a chronicle of dive bars and their outcast characters. Those characters included pro skaters and the live bands that performed at these bars from the Cro Mags to Rocky Erickson, X, and Dead Moon, among others. It was a zine embraced by the skate community and written up in Thrasher Magazine as one of their favorite zines.



I now reside in East Los Angeles, not trendy LA, and work as a freelance photographer for Ehinger Kraftrad in Germany, Stance, and of course Phares Cycle Parts. In addition, I am currently working on photo projects for a hand-full of European motorcycle magazines: Custum Bike, Craftrad, Kustum Life, and Wild Motorcycles, as well as Dice Magazine.



What about the motorcycle industry inspires you?

What inspires me about the motorcycle industry is the history of the machine itself, people who build them, and the lifestyle and freedom it represents how it translates through photography…a timeless and stylish aesthetic.



How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for about 15 years.



What was your first camera?

My first camera was an analogue Pentax 67 medium format.



Favorite place to photograph?

I love shooting outdoors particularly in deserts or industrial areas.



Who has been your inspiration in the world of photography?

Creative people I admire and those who I photograph are my inspiration in the world of photography.


Image borrowed from  Jasin Phares' article.

Best time of day to shoot?

I usually love shooting on overcast days late afternoon.



Anyone you would like to thank?

I like to thank all of the people, in particular, Ehinger Kraftrad who have and continue to support my work, and those who I photograph. Thank you.




Instagram: @j_perez70


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