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I'm pleased to announce that my tenure at ChopCult has been extended through 2017 and I will continue to serve as editor of this great site and help move our community forward. That should make my followers, friends, and associates very happy because we're 'bout to make magic happen. I have many golden opportunities (aka giveaways) in the works for ChopCult members and can't wait to start sharing the news. I need to stress that working hand-in-hand with advertisers provides no extra revenue for me or Kaistream Ltd, the owner of this website. ChopCult wouldn't exist without advertisers, plain and simple. We cross-promote every ChopCult advertiser in return for their financial support. Cross-promotion isn't about the almighty dollar as some assume; it's about moving forward together. I appreciate every brand that supports and believes in ChopCult and its community. Every ChopCult giveaway benefits a member or follower, which also helps build a following for the brand. Every "like" is a link; every link helps to strengthen the web that holds us together. It's a win for everyone involved.


I'm trying to operate this site as the people before me did. There’s one thing that I've let slide, and that was their "Take No Shit" mentality. I think from my heart and always look at both sides of any issue placed before me. This thinking is not a fault; it's my way of processing. The old owners didn't explain their actions to anyone. If an issue needed to go away, they made it happen. Period. No explanation given. If someone kept bringing the site down, they eliminated that person, no questions asked. I also know, first hand, that the previous owners were over the drama. The negativity was one of the main reasons that they sold the site. Counter to popular opinion, they didn't make a fortune on the sale of the website. It's really time to move on and I will not be discussing this topic again.



My Mother once told me,” If you don't like what you're watching in life, change the channel." No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. It's really OK if you don't like the ChopCult channel anymore. Someone else will come along and actually want to join our community. They'll appreciate the work, the giveaways, and the benefits that only a member can enjoy.


There are a few different giveaways currently on the site for you to partake in. There's the ChopCult Hardtail Giveaway, in which you can win a custom hardtail from Led Sled Customs, Voodoo Vintage, or The Factory Metal Works. Another giveaway is the free set of tires from Metzeler. It’s very easy for me to ask for donations and every sponsor or “friend” wants to see their products used by the members. It only makes sense that we support those who support


Created by Minidanzin, aka "Yardley," from The VNM


I have to say that nothing makes me happier than seeing a person in the crowd rocking a ChopCult t-shirt or support patch. Many of the past designs were created by fellow member Minidanzin, aka "Yardley," from The VNM. He's responsible for creating the ChopCult Skull, the ChopCult Skullicorn, and the Winged Lighting Bolt design. All of which have been well received by the members and followers. I've asked the folks at Kaistream Ltd. for a cash allowance that I could give as a prize to a ChopCult member. Yardley won the original ChopCult art contest back in 2010. There's no better time than now to bring back the ChopCult T-Shirt Contest. Break out those tools and start thinking all things ChopCult. You can share your work on Instagram, using the hashtag #chopcultartshow, and our Facebook page, but entries will only accepted on We'll select a handful of favorites and then you can help us vote for the final winner.


Created by Minidanzin, aka "Yardley," from The VNM


The rules:


Show your art here in this thread, in any format, but when it comes time to send me the files for printing, they either need to be vector art like Adobe Illustrator or a high-resolution (300dpi at actual size) Photoshop file. Any number of ink colors, but let's limit it to one spot on the front. T-shirt color is up to you. If you don't know what any of this means, either give up or draw something by hand that is super sweet and send it to me and I'll scan it.


As far as designs go, anything you want, with the exception of nudity.


The winner will receive a few crisp Washington's, a few shirts and links within any and all promotions using your artwork. I would like to thank Greg at 911 Clothing for helping me with printing and Lowbrow Customs for carrying the ChopCult products. Oh, and before anyone breaks out their soapboxes, ChopCult will not be making a fortune on the sale of any shirts. If you're in the industry you know that apparel has very little monetary value. Yes, you could look at this contest as "branding," but I look at it as helping one person move another step forward. The artist will be creating something new for ChopCult and we'll help get their name and talent out there. It's very important the artwork is created by someone within our community.


Spoken only as Bill Bryant could, "This is going to be a quick contest, so get off yer' ass! It will end on November 30th and a poll will go up immediately. The poll will be up for 72 hours and then we'll see whose left standing. I know there are some really talented people out there, so I look forward to seeing what you cook up."


Best of luck,


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Commented on 11-10-2015 At 01:43 am

Nice I am interest, cool contest 33!

Commented on 11-10-2015 At 06:39 am

What a Load of Pony Poop !

Commented on 11-10-2015 At 01:42 pm

Do the artists also get to maintain the rights to their design?

Commented on 11-10-2015 At 03:07 pm

Yodan - Yes! All extra cross promotion will state created by.................

Commented on 11-10-2015 At 11:09 pm

Man, Rubsy really struck a chord here.

Commented on 11-12-2015 At 07:23 am

Im not a biker or anything, but this place has gone to shit. All cuz that dude dusty, and with chop cult supporting cancer thieving scum bags, and the companies associated with them. Make that money while you can... this place is a joke. Ive been on other sites that sold there souls for money... look at the way of some skateboard companies, great example... (you can tell where my back ground comes from). I just peruse this site after stumbling up on it and hearing that kid from Milwaukee screwed someone over. But seeing all this... whoever runs this site is so two faced. Your whole don't take shit attitude is great and all, but when your supporting those guys... Fuck this place. Whoevers doing that cantina thing, cant wait to see it. Feel free to delete this as well..

Commented on 11-12-2015 At 01:04 pm

I'll sell my soul for money but got no takers. Oh You kids with your sold-out anger. Reminds me of when I was young. This "scene" has been "sold-out" way before you or I jump on for the ride.

Commented on 11-15-2015 At 12:52 pm

Pretentious or incompetent, I can't decide which is more fitting.

Commented on 11-20-2015 At 12:54 pm

Nice. I will do my best to get something in before the contest ends.

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