21: Trent Schara (Con'd)


Current stable of bikes and projects: Pan, Knuck, UL

Tool I wish I had but don't: Lincoln 275

Tool I have but wish I didn't: NONE!

Heaven on Earth: Riding in the mountains when it’s 80 degrees outside

Proudest moment: Marine Corps boot camp graduation


Trent Schara: United States of America.


Darkest secret: I will never tell

Deepest fear: That trend humpers will NEVER stop humping trends

Biggest regret: I don’t really have any regrets

Reason for being: Nobody knows


If I lost my right arm: Cyborg arm coming soon!

Thanks: To Dad for making me crash my first bike. First life lesson learned, and it was a good one.

Be sure to check out Trent's website,,and give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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Commented on 8-3-2009 At 08:26 pm

You Have to admire a guy who will wheelie a knuck..very cool pic.

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 09:44 pm

i was just reading about this bike in my rag

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 06:37 am

Keep 'em coming, these are fuckin great!

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 07:03 am

Dirt, MIXED with old IRON, Love It

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 07:28 am

Jesus the knuckle wheelie picture is awesome.

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 08:31 am

Umm, can I shoot that thing?

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 01:52 pm

pretty knarly stuff right there

Commented on 8-5-2009 At 04:38 am

trent = real.


Commented on 8-5-2009 At 07:50 am

Always like Trent. Great Article!

Commented on 8-7-2009 At 01:29 pm

I agree with magickman, knarly picture

Commented on 8-9-2009 At 01:54 pm

I'm priviledged to say that I am the proud owner of an Atomic Custom motorbike and consider Trent to be a good friend but he beats people up for fun and his ever-changing facial hair frightens me.

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 10:27 am

so is the ground zero run on for this year?

Commented on 1-26-2010 At 10:46 am

beating people is fun.

Commented on 9-2-2011 At 11:58 pm

Kim Boyle posted a pic of one of Trent's Knuckles.....copper colored with white racing stripe, black wheels, wideglide, short drag pipes....I'd love to see more pics of that one. The dirtbike knuck Ironhorse centerfold is on my wall AND my son is USMC too....SEMPER FI!!!! FTW, the General

Commented on 5-3-2012 At 11:10 pm

I can think of a certain shop owner in L.A. that could use a good bitch slappin' at least....he's been lying to me for 4 yrs now...great way to run a business...wish I woulda known about this here fine Marine before I sent my cash to LALA land....FTW, Trent

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