21: George Counes of Spartan Frameworks


The impetus to launch Spartan Frameworks didn't come to George Counes in some smoky chopshop at a biker clubhouse. No, the metal-crafting seeds that live inside this DIY builder, recreational hooch brewer and family man were planted decades ago when George terrorized his turf on a BMX bike. Like so many other teenaged boys in the '70s, George became fascinated with metallurgy and frame building by tinkering with bicycles. After moving up to motorcycles, George applied technologies like TIG welding, ventilated plate gussets and seamless 4130 chromoly tubing to the chopper chassis that bear the Spartan brand.To prove the mettle of his metal, George and his awesome wife Wendy hammer out the kind of miles that would put any iron butt bagger to shame.




George Counes

Age: 43

Business: Spartan Frameworks

Town: Vail, AZ

Wendy, Jimmy and Nikko Counes

Riding buddies: Mostly myself but sometimes Wendy, Anthony, Scott and Trent

First time on two wheels: 1976 on the back of my friend's older sister's boyfriend’s chopper



First hand-built motorcycle: 1967 Shovel in an old D&D rigid frame with a girder in 1987, I built it in my parents dining room.

Earliest two-wheeled adventure:
It was back in ‘88 or ‘89, a day trip heading north with my friend Chief. It turned into a seven-day odyssey in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Lots of unbelievable shit on that trip. Not having cell phones and credit cards made it alot different than road trips are now

Most recent two-wheeled adventure: The Bash at Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA

Current stable of bikes and projects: My ‘36 knuck; Wendy's ‘72 shovel; the beginnings of a ‘63 pan (possibly a long bike); plus a backlog of frames, front ends and customer bike work taking up most of my riding time


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Commented on 8-5-2009 At 09:34 pm

You traded a 61 strat for a kramer......Fuck thats like tradin your nuck for an evo.
Glad to hear your business is good though!

Commented on 8-24-2009 At 09:43 pm

you work is top notch,dig the front ends ...!

Commented on 8-24-2009 At 09:54 pm

George & Wendy are two people I don't get to spend nearly enough time with. However every time is a good time.

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 01:09 am

I dunno about the 'stache George....kinda Barbarino-esque !

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 06:07 am

That last photo sums things up right there.

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 07:09 am

SPARTAN RULES!!!! The copper oil tank and the 1-off stainless steel shovelhead top motor mount you made for me are totally flawless!!!!!!!!!!!Pure ART!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks George

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 09:52 am

been a fan of his springer since the first time i laid eyes on them, beautiful and simple. when i grow up and am a big boy i want one...someday maybe.

and gotta throw some props for a fellow brewer. RDWHAHB!

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 01:30 pm

dude, grow back the fro

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 03:25 pm

New name...

Ron Jeremy?


Commented on 8-25-2009 At 04:32 pm

your war pigs knuckle is perfect... & that 84' kramer is now vintage, i hope you kept that one ?

Commented on 8-25-2009 At 05:05 pm


you should have posted a pic of that '67 when you first got it, you know, the one by Aunt Gingers pool. You had really sexy white legs back then.

Miss you guys.


I like tater tots.

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 06:46 am

mean bike and an even meaner haircut.

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 07:16 am

i don't like him him!!

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 10:05 am

and let's not forget George's ability to drink most under the table. Congrats George on having no real job now. I am gonna come down to Vale soon to visit you guys. Hope the show went well for you in Tuscon.

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 12:05 pm

Spartan is great, George is Great, and I miss that weather! If you haven't seen it...check out George's girder!

Commented on 8-27-2009 At 08:33 pm

met george about five years ago at anthony's old place on speedway and main. great guy and he really knows how to weld. his warpigs have perfect lines.

Commented on 2-13-2010 At 05:17 pm

That's some freaky haircut dude! LOL!

Commented on 2-14-2010 At 11:59 pm

Saw the Knuckle at the Lake Skinner bash last summer and a couple other Spartan built bikes. Very nice!!

Commented on 7-8-2014 At 10:59 pm

Hey George been trying to get hold of you can you call me when you get this message. G. Fraipont - 47 Knucklehead

Commented on 12-22-2018 At 10:20 pm

nice work...

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