21: Caleb Owens (Con'd)


Tool you wish you had but don't: A John Holmes

Tool you have but wish you didn't: You can never have enough tools



Heaven on Earth: Open road, sun setting over the Pacific, bike humming perfect time. Rolling in to a campsite with a running creek. Light a fire, kick back with some whiskey, a guitar and good friends.

Proudest moment: I'm lucky, I have a few I guess. Learning to drive with my Dad’s ‘55 Cameo Chevy. My Dad wasn't much for profound displays of emotion, but when he told me HE was proud of me, I was proud that he was my Dad, even after his passing in 99, I am still very proud to call him my Dad.

Darkest secret: I used to watch the TV show Friends. Does that make me gay? Fuck!

Deepest fear: Waking up when I’m 60 and saying, “Shit, I should have, could have, would have…”

Biggest regret: No regrets, bad choices? Sure, but you live and learn. No regrets.



Reason for being: Family, Friends, Music, Bikes, giving love

If I lost my right arm: I'd have to jerk off with my left.

Thanks: Dad; my six brothers and sisters; my old lady Kris; my great friend who has done so much for me in this motorcycle biz: Joey Jelf; JD; Matt Davis; Kio; Garrick at Kelly's; the Biltwell crew, you guys rule and I am very grateful for you support and generosity; Michael Lichter; Warren Lane; my musician soul mates George Parrott and Ed Van Waes

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Commented on 8-9-2009 At 10:08 pm

so well put! caleb rules.

Commented on 8-10-2009 At 01:18 am

From the first time I met this guy (and J.D) he has always made it a point to say hi and ask how I'm doing... and be sincere. What comes out of this guys mind (and again J.D.'s) is subtle genius. A true source of inspiration.

Commented on 8-10-2009 At 08:02 am

Definitely a genuine good soul. See ya soon Cro

Commented on 8-10-2009 At 08:31 am

Agreed, the few times I've met him he's the coolest dude ever. Down to earth and hell, remembered my name a year after we first met, thats means alot. Salt of the earth

Commented on 8-11-2009 At 04:36 am

Great article...easily my favorite feature here on Chop Cult.

Commented on 8-11-2009 At 06:39 pm

Nice Caleb! It was great seein' you and J.D. at the Micheal Lichter show up in SD. Hope to see ya soon pal. You guys are RIPPERS!

Commented on 8-12-2009 At 02:20 am

ghetto bird - first time I've heard that one!

Commented on 8-12-2009 At 05:16 am

I'll take the red one with the white scallops. Nice Work.

Commented on 8-12-2009 At 07:05 am

nice article!

Commented on 8-12-2009 At 05:09 pm

"Friends" you gaylord... Will & Grace was my favorite show.

Commented on 8-17-2009 At 06:47 pm

I'm all the way over here on the east coast but I hope to meet up with you guys and likes of the Biltwell crew one day!

Commented on 8-26-2009 At 08:43 pm

Hope to see you at the Primers along with the rest of the crew.

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