"Heavy 66" by Zac Doom


Some people know Zac Doom for his Heavy Clothing brand. Others know of him by his contribution to Show Class Magazine. Zac loves to ride and debuted his latest build “Heavy 66” during Born-Free 6. This bike instantly takes you on a trip back to the 70’s with its intense psychedelic paint scheme, created by Gen Katsuragawa. I hope you enjoy this bike as much as I do



Owner name, location: HEAVY

ChopCult profile: ZAC DOOM

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1966 HD SHOVEL CHOPPER Frame: 57 straight leg frame,raked out on molded by previous owner. blue paint



Fork: 16 over HD springer with crazy rockers . Possibly one of the best long HD springer I’ve seen.

Tire/wheel size and style: 16 rear with modern tire by previous owner,fuck it got me through summer,gonna put a avon on there. Front is a 21 spool hub,with which I’m stoked on.



Favorite thing about this bike:  Just thats its so wild..such a trip to ride,I rode this thing in L.A. and NYC and didn’t die,so thats a testament that its made to be ridden.

Next modification will be:  Crazy new seat,gonna get rid of the crazy rockers on springer,super sketchy. New rear tire and possible run a juice drum on rear.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: This was a survivor bike I had been hunting down for years,so it came full of sick parts already. The highway peg set up is bitchin, I found some FINCH pegs for it . I love the springer,its so nicely done. I ditched the original tank on it and me and Hot Bobby wanted to make something crazy. I wanted some crazy molding on the tank and fender. We then proceeded to heat and bend round stock of various diameters onto a wassel tank,and fender ,tacking it as we went along. We kept in mind how the molding would look on it. Trusted friend ,Dave Polgreen did the final leak down test on the tank ,and then it got lined at the radiator shop,solid.



I sent the heavily modified tank and fender to the one and only dude I knew could really tie this thing together , GEN from LOVEEARART out of Japan! Being a long time fan of his tripped out paint work, I made sure I gave him something wild to work with. I should mention I sent him a paint chip from which he matched the color and the condition of paint, we went with “old looks paint” that he does so well. I wanted to keep this bike as close to original ,found condition as possible. GEN really knocked it out. I’m still blown away by the paint and molding he did.



Hot Bobby and I then made the sissy bar,one detail is we put the ROUND stock into the forge,got it glowing red,then smashed it into SQAURE stock with a THOR hammer ,then twisted it. Bobby found the “fence toppers” online somewhere, they're super cool. Kevin helped weld the cast iron toppers onto the cold rolled steel sissy stock. By the time the chrome guy got done with it I was blown away, cold piece!!



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Anytime you ride this is a blast, but riding around the canyons at Born Free . Taking the free way with the Show Class crew the morning of the BF6 was super sketchy ,just blazing, it was pretty sketchy since I just took off the lift and that was my first ride on it. Riding in NYC was really cool too, like L.A. as far as lane splitting. But the sidewalks and closed off streets are fair game too. You really just have to go for it and trust where the front wheel is, since I can’t real see it, haha! And one more “special” feature …the patina from when I caught it on fire!! Yes this thing ALMOST went up in a ball of fire and smoke! Right before our FULL TILT It so far has survived even me!! Ask me the story sometime, its a good one.

Thanks to: The Entire HEAVY FAMILY,Gen from LOVEEARART, Tim from SHOWCLASS MAG, Bobby and Katie, All the KEVINS, and BRI for supporting insanity. Big thanks to Spencer for helping with the photography.



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Commented on 3-5-2015 At 02:03 pm

I hate bondo works....


Commented on 3-5-2015 At 02:25 pm

Nice, I like it.

Commented on 3-5-2015 At 05:41 pm

Everything Zac touches is gold, dope build. My heavy points cover really sets my motor off, great work man.

Commented on 3-6-2015 At 10:36 pm

Zacs a great dude...

Commented on 3-6-2015 At 11:39 pm

That's some nice space dust you have there... looks like it can time travel.

Commented on 3-8-2015 At 06:43 am

Bad ass bike. Perfect stance

Commented on 3-11-2015 At 03:49 pm


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