Posted at 8:21 PM on September 2, 2009
Posted at 8:44 PM on September 10, 2009
just had a problem come up with my sporty. im looking for heads for a 2000 sporty please let me now asap!
Posted at 4:45 PM on May 14, 2010
my buddys got a spare set of sporty heads for a 92 not sure of the differences but i think he wants fifty bucks for both
Posted at 8:29 PM on November 21, 2011
I sell brass rocker nuts for Ironhead and Shovel with 1/2 20 thread that I make. $60 shipped they come machine finished unless you want something else.... I also have some logo tee shirts in BIG sizes xxl-xxxxl for only $15 what a deal! They are as everything at Am-Iron Customs is Made in U.S.A.! More products coming as I get a chance to put them out!
Posted at 7:04 PM on April 24, 2012
I'm going to start making custom ignition switches, depending on what the materials end up costing going into the unit I'll probably only add $20-25 to their cost for the labor. So far I've only got the prototype done and a couple requests from people that have seen it but if anyone is interested in some customized electronics or has any crazy ideas they'd like to see done hit me up. I'm not claiming to be an electron wizard but I've had quite a bit of training in the field that would be a shame to let go to waste. The prototype is a guitar amp jack and plug key. I think I may have about $20 into the parts so I'd probably sell them for about $40-50 depending. I think the next one I do will be hidden in a box that has to be opened to have the key put into it for weather proofing. I'm not going to sell any till I've tested the prototype and it performs to my satisfaction, but once I feel it's good to go I may turn a few out every couple weeks. Got a line on a mini-lathe that I'm trying to work a deal on so I may end up turning a few custom housings.


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