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    I like that copper color.

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    New here from Maine

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    New here. Just picked up a 06 sportster 1200 low and here to learn to make it mine.

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    Hello all. I've been lurking this forum for a while and finally decided to join and contribute. 42yo male from upstate NY. Currently riding a 2012 Softail Slim FLS with some custom work. Preparing for a cam install this spring. Woods 222's.
    My last legit "chopper" was a 69 sporty on a rigid frame with an evo 88 power plant. That was the biggest "project bike" I've built from the frame out. Def not great for long rides but it was my favorite bar hopper.
    I'll post some pics

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    My history with motorcycles started in the mid 70’s when I was in high school and a couple of my friends parents bought motorcycles - one was one of the first Honda 750s and the other was an early 1960s BMW R50/2. I remember watching the Honda do a burn out for several blocks, and I got to take the BMW to the store and back, and eventually one of my friends bought a Kawasaki KZ900 the I spent some time riding on the back of that.

    When I started college at the University of Washington, my parents moved out their long time home in South Seattle and relocated to Palmdale California in the Mojave Desert. This left me stranded at college - so with the help of some of my South Seattle friends (this was before the internet and Craigslist), I bought a Yamaha 360 enduro from another friends’ family. This was a 2-stroke dirt bike with running lights and a license plate. But it was a running bike that needed only gas and oil in the Yamalube automatic oiler tank. And that’s all I remember doing - adding gas and oil - I never checked the tire pressures, changed the oil, or gave it a tune up. Sometimes it started, sometimes it didn’t.

    I rode that bike up and down the I-5 freeway from the UW to South Seattle on weekends. During the week, I stored it in my dormitory storage room. I lived on the 3rd floor where we had access to the street level (the dorm was built into a hillside). I’d ride the bike down a back street, onto the sidewalk, and down a pedestrian ramp to the dorm back door. I’d push the bike down the hall to the storage room, and that’s where I’d leave it. I don’t think you could get away with that now days.

    I eventually grew tired of riding a dirt bike on the street, and wanted the Yamaha equivalent of a street bike - an RD350. I sold the 360 to my brother-in-law (although, he never paid me for it…), and went without a motorcycle for the next 35 years before I found a 1979 RD400 Daytona Special. I completely rebuilt that bike, and eventually sold it. Then I bought a sidecar that came with a free 1962 BMW R50/2 that had a 1962 BMW 700 sedan engine installed in it. This was also completely rebuilt and I still own it, along with my real motorcycle, a 1995 BMW R1100RS.

    This brings me to why I’m joining ChopCult. As I was getting close to retirement, I bought the parts and pieces of a 1948 Harley Davidson FL. I got a frame, springer front end, engine, transmission, and 2 wheels - all in boxes and never before joined together. The previous owner was just collecting bits and pieces for a possible build someday - then he sold everything to me. I’ve been on a learning discovery, as I know nothing about Harley Davidsons or vintage Harleys. Everything has been a mystery to me - and I’m hoping to get some help smoothing out the rough edges as I put this thing together. It’s not a 100% correct restoration - more of just getting the parts I have working together as a usable motorcycle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey crew, I'm Nick. 35 year old dude from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Been riding for about 7 years and have browsing around here for a little while now. Figured I'd jump in!

    Currently riding a pretty much stock 2013 XL1200V (seventy-two).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just received all my parts and starting a norcal style build on the bike next weekend. 6-over front end, rabbit ears, ditching gauges, horn and turn signals, cleaning up the wiring/coils under the tank, stacked triangle headlights. Eventually going add upswept fishtails and a skinny king and queen.

    Looking forward to diving in and showing ya'll the progress, and a learning a ton from all you way more experienced fine folk.


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    Was on here some years ago. Have no idea when, tho. Retired now for 2 years and finally getting (almost) to the place I can start working on the bikes instead of the wife's business and the "country estate." Been riding since 1973, always on HD, with a '67 Norton P-11 Scrambler tossed into the mix as a play-toy back in the mid 1970s.

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    Hey everyone, my name is Jamie. Been here for a little while posted a few times about my 2000 sporty chop. Iíve owned 5 harleys including a 78 shovel (the one I regret most selling) and everything from crotch rockets to Touring, dirt bikes and adventure bikes. Love em all... excited to build this thing though and appreciate any and all help, thanks in advance and hopefully Iíll figure out how to post pics without them being flipped at some point😡 also from Canada..

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