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    Might've been registered in here before. Can't remember - comes with being a retired bum, I guess. East Texas area, small town of Jefferson. Nice and quiet in the sticks just like it oughtta be. Started riding in 1973 on a '72 XLCH raked 7/8" (probably about 45 degrees) and 15 over tubes. Have owned only 5 bikes, excluding a handful of temps while rebuilding the main bike - 1972 XLCH chop, 1978 FLH 3 speed w/reverse, 1987 FLST, 2006 Fat Boy, 2007 XLN. Have the '87, '06, '07 now. The temps were '73 XLH, '84 XL, '72 XLH.

    Here for the reading and looking. Doing some work on the '87 Sloptail and figured I'd be able to pick up some good info.

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    Noot noot new handle homeboys. I have everything to gain, nothing to contribute, and may even destroy a thing or two.
    I'm far from cool and totally unoriginal. I like motorcycles and my favorite to collect are the ones that don't run.
    I'm currently storing a few hondas, a few harleys, and a couple of vespas. Yeah, no shiz.
    Thanks for having me!

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    Hello, I'm new, having Yamaha G2

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Im new here.. Builder from Philippines this is my build, Ii have youtube Channel : Lobo Project
    Pls Support my channel, Subscribe share like and comment.. Thanks
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    Default Hello From Texas

    Hello to everyone. New to Chop Cult. Started on a 75 Shovel 35 years ago. Have bought sold and traded a few through the years . Just sold my 89 Springer and picked up a 76 FL. Looking forward to hanging out and checking out all the righteous scoots. Have already seen some bad ass swing arm chops that give me plenty of inspiration to get started on this 76.

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