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    Default 65 BSA bobber/chopper

    I got this bike 70% done, and a guy help me get it started, and it ran well, for the trial run. I have got the bike to the point of were it is ready to be ridden again. One thing I did to the bike was yank the old wiring and the same guy that helped get it going told me how to do it and said it was correct when I was done. I went to start it yesterday, and it would not start, and the coil went from warm to hot while I tried to start it. Why would the coil do that, and is this bad? How can I test the wiring and tell if it is done correct? How do I adjust the points. Thank you for talking the time to read this and any info to any of these questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Yeah you got a problem. How is the bike wired? Pos ground?

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