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    Default Fairbanks Morse mag on a '79 KZ1000?

    Okay, so I ended up with a '79 kz1000 for a project bike. I've already got the frame hardtailed, have a tank sitting here to mock up and I have a paint scheme in mind. I was out at the old family farm yesterday and came across a Fairbanks Morse FMJ magneto for a 4 cylinder motor. One of the things I wanted to do with my flattie build(that fell apart!) was to do away with the battery and use a mag... I am now wondering if the same thing can be done with this kz?

    Does anyone here know if I can use this mag on my kz and if so where can I go to find information on it? I hate to let this mag just sit and gather dust and it would be a nice touch to add it to my kz... I'm all ears and waiting for the sage advice of this hallowed forum!


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    Still trying to figure out what you could drive it off of......
    Getting the spark indexed with a way to advance and retard it
    with #1 at TDC.....
    driven somehow off the flywheel or cam gear.... hmmmm...........
    Can you post a picture?

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    im running a mag on my gpz1100 dragbike [near enough the same engine for this purpose] - drive is pretty easy to machine up but im not sure on what shape your mag is - this mallory sprintmag is very tight in there

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    Let me get some pics and measurements and post them. I posted the same question over on JJ but apparently you can't ask about Jap bikes over there so it looks like the thread was pulled!?

    So how well does the mag work for your ride Sumo?


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    ARD made mags and drives for some Japanese 4 cyl.
    Might give you some ideas.

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    There was mags made for kz's back in the day. ARD made them, as well as cotten (which I believe bought out ARD at the end) and RC. They work great. I am currently looking for one for my CB750 chopper and am having a hell of a time. There is a KZ ard on ebay right now.

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