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    Default December 18th 2010 BeerBreed presents North drinks with the South!


    Due to the 4 days of rain, dirt camp ground and us at BeerBreed dont want to be responsible for Christmas colds we are moving the date to January 15th, 2011.

    Mark your calendar

    A over night camp out Saturday December 18th 2010
    We will be meeting at The Helm Cocktail Lounge in Costa Mesa Ca. at 11:30am departing at 1:30 pm for a ride down the PCH. We will be stopping for lunch at a burger joint and continue on down the coast for a over night camp out at San Mateo state Beach camp grounds.

    1st Annual North Drinks with the South Run!

    Our meeting spot is The Helm located in Costa Mesa Ca. They are kind enough to offer us special pricing on drinks and snacks to get us ready for our venture to the camp grounds. The bar feature a large parking lot in the rear and they said were more then welcome to take it over!

    Our second stop will be Husky Boy Burgers
    They have a huge parking lot and their burgers are decent priced and pretty darn good!

    After getting our food on we will head south to our final destination San Mateo State Beach camp ground. I am going to need a head count as soon as Nov. 1st to see if it is worth the cost of getting a group camp spot. If it is I will set up a discount ticket purchase for group camping. If not it will be up to you to secure your spot at 35-40 a spot.
    They gave me info that each spot only allows 2 tents and 2 bikes. Any additional bikes per spot will require a additional fee with a max of 6-8 people per spot. The group spot will lower the price substantially and runs around 260.00 for the area. We can get a group spot for the price of 7 spots so its important to step up if your going. Sound off hear as well as send me a email if you plan to camp with us and how many heads your coming with to That way I can figure out the best way to handle it so you can get the discount camp price.

    You all have asked for a reason to ride and camp so this is your opportunity. If this event goes off well enough we will make sure to have one every other month around Socal with cheap eats, good drinks and group camping to boot!
    Thanks to all those who help make this stuff happen with your efforts and expect nothing more then a buzz!

    This is a non vending event just straight fun. If you have a company and want to help drop me a email at on what it takes to get involved.
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