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    Default Hugh's Handbuilt

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    Jan 2010


    Well dern folks! It's been a while since I've been in this thread, and many things have changed... So rather than trying to update old information, products, etc... I'll just tell you whats up, how's that?

    Hugh's HandBuilt - We specialize in the XS650 Platform. We are your go-to guys for pretty much anything XS650. Not that we don't do anything else, but we are really really good at XS650 stuff... You probably knew that by now though - haha...

    You can find all of our goods, tech articles, products and more at the new website:

    So what's in the HHB Lineup these days?

    Our newest HHB 74-Up XS650 Upper Motor Mounts, because the OEM ones look like ass.... And yes, they will clear the narrow Wassell Tunnels if you are cool grinding down the hardware...

    What else do we do?? Well, check out the new website at - but here are a few teaser pics for sure!

    Bolt On Oil Cooler:

    Lower Motor Mount Sets for 74-Up Models:

    Solid Riser Bushing Kit:

    Our ever popular XS650 PMA Charging System:

    Speedster Exhaust System for XS650:

    Fork Braces:

    Speedster Drag Bars:

    Speedo Deletes:

    35mm Fork Lowering Kits:

    Weld-On Headlight Mount:

    DIY Brake Pivot Kits:

    3 Different Types of XS650 Neck Gussets!

    Slimline Master Cylinder:

    And who can forget, our badass rephasing and crank building services?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 01222015_Landino_DSC1413-1500x630.jpg  
    Last edited by Punkskalar; 04-14-2015 at 10:46 AM.

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    Great talking to you today Hugh. Can't wait to get mine Re-phased.

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    Feb 2010


    Hugh is Legit Smart dude with a Eye for motorbikes Ill be useing his services when I build my XS this winter.

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    Jan 2010


    Updated some information, I now have 100 Alternator Swap Kits IN STOCK! Will be adding other pictures today for the cranks and camshafts...


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    If your in to XS yammies he's the man! I'll be over to collect some beer for this post some time this week... He's got some neat ideas too.

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