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    Default How tf do I make stock brake parts work on this chop

    Yeah I know, I fucked up and chopped a rubber mount sportster, but now weíre here. I know itís been talked about with evo sportys but does anyone have any insight on using stock rear brake components on a rubber mount rigid? Itís an 04 sportster, stock caliper fits up just fine, the issue that Iím running into is that the original mounting hardware for master cylinder doesnít fit up anymore (it looks terrible anyway.) The brake lever connects to the master with a tie rod that no longer fits in place because of where the hardtail fit up, and the brake light switch is run from hardline that also doesnít want to fit anymore. Any insight before I say to hell with the whole thing and buy a minivan instead would be awesome 😂

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    How about some pics please.

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    Welcome to chopping! Pictures would help. But it's your chopper and you can make it however you want to. In the old days we would see a picture in one of the rags of something we liked and we would make something like that. It might take a while too, they were monthly and only had so many pictures.
    These days you can use this interweb thing and usually find an image of what you want or need pretty quick, and even find what brand and where to get it. Believe me it's way easier!
    A lot of what this is about is making your own custom parts that are cooler than anyone else's, so that when people see your bike they want theirs to have those features.
    So i would say determine what looks terrible about it, and change that in some unique way.
    Then show it to us, we might like it too. If you're banging your head against the wall and shopping for a minivan then walk away from it for a while. Your mind will keep working on it, a solution will come along, and you will sometimes be amazed at yourself!

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