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    Default 100Ē ultima crate? or buy to build??

    Hey everyone, Iím thinking of either pulling my stock 80Ē evo out of my 92 Softail and rebuilding with edelbrock performer heads. Or selling it and the heads and buying a ultima 100ci. Iíve heard mixed reviews, wondering if itís a better idea to buy the engine disassembled and build it up myself so I know itís done right. Iíve heard the same reviews on S&S engines and have seen good and bad with both brands. I do all sorts of riding on this bike and I just think going over 100Ē is overkill.

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    I have a buddy that has a Ultima motor in his FXR. It pulls hard. He has actually has had it in his bike for over ten years and the bike still runs crazy strong. I think Ultima if I am not mistaken is built oversea or the quality is not what it once was??? Not sure but I have heard through the grape vine this idea being floated around.

    Personally for me I would stick with the EVO and do it up. I have had great success with EVOs through the years. Completely stock to mildly built ones. You can't go wrong with an EVO.


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    I like hopping up the H-D evo because you can make big gains in power relatively easy.

    BUT, the '91 - '93 cases are notorious for breaking between the rear cylinder and rear tappet block if hopped up. So in your particular case (no pun intended), a crate motor or at least a better case to start with would be prudent.

    The only thing I've seen in an Ultima evo motor that I would change from new is the tappets. They seem to be poor, especially regarding the rollers.


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