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    Default Quick question about Suzuki vl800...

    Sometimes, mostly when I have ridden for a while, I try to switch on, the bike just acts like battery is dead. However if I leave it over night and try it, its good.

    Can it be as simple as a dying battery or something worse?usps tracking showbox speed test
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    Inspect (by disconnecting, cleaning, coating with dielectric grease, and reconnecting) your power and ground cables.
    Perform a charging system test with a voltmeter per the factory service manual.
    Measure resting battery voltage.

    Post results. Batteries (and any electronics) do odd things sometimes so best to measure and know.

    How old is the battery?

    What type battery is it? A battery may partially recover from partial discharge during operation if left overnight but I've RARELY seen that happen, like maybe four times in my life.

    I will not pretend to fully understand "recovery effect" but it exists.

    Always post your specific year as someone with that year may know specific issues to look out for.

    A properly functioning charging system and known-good battery should solve your problem,

    You can have yours load tested at any auto store, but load testers are cheap so I just buy cheap testers which are basically a resistance element like a toaster with a switch and a meter.

    EDIT (I love forums):
    Apparently those bikes are unusually picky about connection quality and tightness:
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