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    Default The F'n Juggernaut - Yamaha FJ2400 Build Video Documentary

    I'm putting together a video-documentary on YouTube on my next dual-engine motorcycle build: The F'n Juggernaut - based on the FJ1200 (see what I did there... F & J?!?)

    Click the pic below to launch the video:

    I've been posting in the Japanese Builds forum if you want to see what I've done in the past, but Like & Subscribe on the YouTube for notifications on what I'm doing now. Hopefully, the culmination of this build will be a run at a record at The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials 2021!

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    Dropped Episode 2 today!
    This is where I start to have fun.

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    The FJ is an awesome bike, it was the 2nd bike I every owned, and the strongest bike I've ever ridden, even stronger than my 87 Vmax, me at 19 (look at them guns).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've always had one buddy or another that rode an FJ, but like most, I dismissed it as an "old man's tourer". I was actually shopping for a Katana 1100 (so I could stick with Suzuki & some of the stuff I already know) when the two FJ's literally plopped out of the sky. Once you look over the specs, the FJ1200 engine is phenomenal!

    • Over 100 rwhp
    • air-cooled, with oil cooler - no ugly radiator to have to hide
    • legit 145+mph top speed (may or may not be GPS verified by me)
    • suspension components to handle that speed
    • proven high mileage reliability
    • guy are giving them away

    Basically, any style that's already been applied to a CB750 chopper can work with a much bigger, more powerful, more fun-er-er FJ, and $500 CB's are getting harder and harder to find. Now, there's a bunch more wiring and an ECU to deal with, but you can easily hide all that stuff and cut out whatever you don't need, like every other chop project. She's a fun platform that I am having fun trying to figure out.

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    Default Episode 3

    Time to get to Choppin'!
    Isn't that really what it's all about?

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    Default Episode 4

    Chop. Weld. Rejoice!

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    Default Episode 5

    Got her together. Rolled her out into the Sun. Shot & Edited some video.

    Click pic for video:

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    Building up the seat area:

    Click pic for vid:

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    One last piece to take care of before I attempt to pilot this beastie!

    Click pic below for video:

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    At the very least, watch it to see if I hurt myself!

    Click Pic for Video:

    I put the suicide in Suicide Clutch.
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    Did some work on the Drag Bike:

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    Default Going 'round the block

    This time around, we go International!
    I reach out all the way from Across The Pond to get by with a little help from my friend.

    I'm getting more comfortable riding the Juggernaut & having much fun in the process.

    Click pic to watch the video:

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    Just a few of the zillion drawings I've done to figure out how I'm going to build the new frame.

    Click pic to watch the video:

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    Next up, I finally start the new frame!

    Click Pic to watch the Video:

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