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    Default TIG Welders - Initial review of Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC

    So I used to stick weld in an industrial setting. Used a big boy Miller and handled any machine breakdowns that occurred. While in the Army I was the designated company welder as it was part of my MOS ( TC of an M88 Tank Retriever ). So welding is not new to me although I had not tried my hand in it for over 40 years.

    When I first put Brown Sugar together I had a bit of frame repair, mounts, and some brackets that I needed to make. Since I was not sure if I would like it I picked up an el'cheapo TIG welder from ebay. Yes it was a multi-purpose TIG/Stick/Plasma-cutter combo. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT! I was able to use the plasma cutter and that worked, but when trying to weld all I got was horrible flames, burnt electrodes, and nasty looking welds. Just enough to tack things together and get them to a real welder.

    Well on this rebuild I have decided to step up my game and do more custom work and wanted to be able to do the welds myself. So I asked around a bunch and of course the pros all said miller or lincoln, but then I started hearing a lot of good things about the Eastwood line.

    I live not too far from an Eastwood dealer and so I went in for a demo and some face time with one of their guys. Ended up coming home with the TIG 200 AC/DC unit. I will not go into detail on the unit, the blurbs and videos on Eastwoods site will give you that. What I can tell you is I was welding 3/8" steel within minutes of setting the unit up. I don't have a roll of coins yet, but these welds will hold and grind down to a nice looking joint. One nice thing, they threw in an electrode grinder, yep nothing the big boys can't do on a bench grinder, but my grinder tends to get a lot of use and so it was bound to contaminate any electrode I stuck in there, this grinder is pretty choice and gives me a perfect tip every time.

    I have just done some cold roll so far, but once my frame is done I plan to play a bit with some aluminum stock and see what I can do there.

    Well that's it, I know the pros will have some say here, but for a home shop I like it!
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