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    Default Diesel to clean chrome

    My question is will diesel hurt chrome. I've done some internet searches and can't really find any information on this.

    What I'm doing is rebuilding my back rim. I found a Hallcraft rim I am re spoking, and am replacing the bearings, races, and seals but I want to clean all of the old grease out of the hub and re pack it.

    I have a parts washer I use to clean engine parts. I have diesel in it because it's cheaper than mineral spirits, more easily available, and less flammable.

    My question is, will it hurt my chrome hub if I clean the grease and grime out of it before reassembly? I know diesel leaves a film of oil behind, but I will clean that with degreaser or denatured alcohol before polishing.

    Any idea of diesel's effects on aluminum as well?



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    Sorry wrong forum

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    Diesel doesn't injure any of the metals it contacts in use, therefore it is harmless to chrome.

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