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    I've owned 6 Triumphs, 2 T100r's, 2 Tr6's, and I'm on my second TR7RV.
    All of them except the one I have now were all choppers.
    The bike I have now looks mostly stock, but in the case of this bike - looks are deceptive.
    I've rebuilt 95% of this bike, most of the work in the engine, cams, bigger pistons ( 77.5mm ), electronic ignition, belt drive and dry clutch, all HP valve train, T140v heads so I can run a set of 32mm Mikuni's.
    The big problem I have with the bike is its an OIF, which I don't want to cut up to chop it.
    I need to get a frame maybe from a 650 standard size tubing with a stock bolt on rear frame that a can put an extended hard tail on.
    The end results I'm looking for is a long low chopper I can drag race and not worry about wheelies.
    After all, that's what I built the engine for, as it is now it's fast as hell, faster than anything in its class.
    So I hope you all don't mind I have a stock looking bike on a chop site.
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