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    Default Help finding this handlebars

    Hi Forum

    Can any one help me identify this pair of handlebars? It is almost like a BMX handlebar but without the cross bar. The closest I have found is the chump, but that is not it! the one Im looking for is narrower at the mounting end.

    Hope you can help me, thanks
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    There was a million variations of bars, so not really sure what your goal is here. Are you looking for a specific brand and part number you can order? Curiosity for a argument on facebook? Are you looking to BUY a set like that?
    Just like the retro style chickie so figure with a sweet ride chicks will chase you down?
    I probably got some used ones like that,,

    Probably be helpful if you stipulated more details. 1" or 7/8ths"? Most Triumphs, the early ones had 1" bars, later ones can take them but use a set of shims and use 7/8ths. Tons of Jap bikes ran buckhorns like that stock from the factory so most wrecking yards would have piles of them in various configurations, pull back and height.

    Many catalogs now online. Dennis Kirk, JC Whitney, Lowbrow, Flanders, Parts unlimited, Tucker Rocky,,

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    Have you tried looking for the right item at flea markets? Interesting vintage items often come across there. Perhaps the parts you need will also be found.

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