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    Default Mikuni 42mm dual carburetor by Rivera Ironhead

    Hey guys,
    A friend if mine has a really cool looking 42 mm dual Mikuni carburetor with a twin cam manifold and he wants to get rid of it for really cheap... I have a 1974 sportster xl and I was dreaming about modifying the manifold and making it fit. I don't know much about carburetors and I'm wondering if 42mm dual carbs will work in an Ironhead? I just love the look of dual carbs on a sportster even tough they're not very popular. Any help would be great!
    Sorry for my broken english and thanks in advance,.


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    There was a "dual smoothbore" carb setup available for shovels and ironheads back in the seventies (?) and eighties. It had dual 29mm carbs, but on a manifold that itself was fairly restrictive. They did run well within their design limits and afforded one kick starting.

    I think dual 42mm carbs would not work too well on an ironhead, but one of them would do nicely.


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