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    Default 80 ci evo swap out for a 96 ci twin cam?

    Hello all my knowledgeable fiends!

    I got a really good deal on a 96 ci Twin Cam W/ 6 speed trans out of a wrecked 2008 Dyna. I had been contemplating redoing my bike again. Last winter i added a fairing and repainted all the tins. My bike is a 1988 FLHS electra glide sport. I am wanting to see if you all could give me some guidance on what kind of project this will be and just how much fab work am i going to have to do with the frame. From my understanding the trans is going to be longer and ill have to at least move that bracket. Also ill have to get a stand alone ignition system and ill be adapting an Evo S&S carburetor. I know anything can be done with money, time and skill. I'm just looking for anyone who has done it or knows someone that has done it. Through the research that i have done, there are bits and pieces but no real guide to the swap.

    thanks in advance for all the knowledge and help

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    Remove old drivetrain, cut out bottom crossmembers and blend the old welds with a flap disc. install new drivetrain at the swingarm end (the pivot bolt is the key connection, fab simple (removable if you're wise) new crossmembers such that you can drop the pan with drivetrain installed, wire in new Thunderheart or Altmann standalone ignition and sort out the little stuff.

    It's a twin cam FXR complete drivetrain swap with a bagger instead of an FXR. Look up Twin Cam FXR threads and images here, on Jockey Journal and elsewhere. vtwinforum has a great FXR section too. None of the fab is at all exotic. A proper MIG (not some 120v shitbox FCAW machine) will do nicely for the welding (the rest of the frame is wire welded).

    You can even do it with rest of bike assembled (pull bags. fairing oil and fuel tanks of course) as the only reason to strip the frame down is cosmetic for a paint job, and doing it that way first at least will ensure everything goes where it should with least effort. I did so when converting my FXR to a bagger box (similar frame mods) and rode it for a couple years before finally tearing it down for coating. Much less work that way. All the crossmembers etc are easily make from common flat bar scraps. Top engine mount may need swapping but all this stuff is trivial compared to car engine swaps people do every day. All the crossmember etc install welding can be done from the bottom. If you tear it down later you could run beads across the top but proper penetration from one side is ample. I laid my FXR on its side when doing mine. Baggers already have the sidestand mounted on the frame rail so no fucking with that required.

    Image search "twin cam FXR" and assemble a folder with all your info. Download the factory service manuals and factory parts catalogs for reference. None of the job is high tech or difficult.

    When you remove the old drivetrain all will be obvious. It's not a lot of work. being an FXR with mids and a hot rod mostly shows stuff you WON'T be doing but has worthwhile pics to show what goes where. No need for an oil pan mod of course since you would be much wiser to replace the crossmembers. He used a 2008-up gearbox. You could PM him with any detail questions but the work required will be obvious.

    If I'd not fallen into an S&S V124 cheap-ish for my FX I'd have done a TC instead which I why I researched the swap. If I did a bagger I'd convert it to mids (easy with Dyna controls which are plentiful) since I loathe scraping boards in turns so if mids interest you that would be easy to knock out at the same time.

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