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    Default Fuel injected chop?

    So I have a 2010 triumph America being 2010 shes the EFI model, I bought her as a bobber project with plans to go more of the chopper route, currently shes got a triumph Bonneville tank on right now that has the fuel pump etc built in, now id like to change the tank into more of a mustang style. But I need either a tank that that I can put the existing fuel pump in or another fuel pump that I can fit somewhere else. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Much appreciated 🤟🏻🤙🏻

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    Gonna be a fabrication job, unless you use a existing Harley tank with EFI, often the motor wont know its a Harley vs jap vs Euro fuel pump, all it knows is pressure and volume.

    Otherwise you will have to modify a tank to take the pump. One alternative, a bit complicated but might suit you. You CAN make an intermediary pump housing. Run a free flowing supply line to a hidden small tank, run the pump in that. The issue is the pump can easily cavitate if the supply is not excellent. Thats the advantage of a pump inside the main tank.

    * MOST EFI dont do well if you run them low on fuel or out, try to avoid that to prevent fuel pump damage and injectors, as they dont like air, or running dry, just like a diesel. *Saying that I ran my tractor out the other day and what a PIA to bleed the system and get it running

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