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    Default Home made manometer for syncing carbs

    For anyone interested, here's a manometer I put together. I used two lengths of 30mm acrylic tube around 200 mm long. I used the large acrylic tubes because the water volume steadies the rise and fall action of the water. The platforms above and below are made up of a neoprene gasket sandwiched between two pieces of ply.

    They clamp the acrylic tubes between them using three lengths of all thread. The bottoms of the tubes are linked together by a short length of 6mm plastic tube. There are two long lengths of 6mm tube connected to the top of each acrylic tube into which I inserted a 0.08mm Delrin jet I turned up on the lathe, but any carb jet that fits in the plastic tubes would suffice. The jet steadies and slows the vacuum action.

    Once together I filled each tube with water below the halfway mark, this prevents the water being sucked into the intake tract if all the water fills the one tube. The long lengths of plastic tubes are connected to six mm spigots I shrunk into the carb boots. When the manometer is disconnected after syncing, I link the two spigots together with a short piece of fuel hose.

    You can use a long length of looped plastic tube but the readings fluctuate too quickly for my liking. If you can't be bothered making something like this, just use two coke bottles, link them at the bottom, fill each bottle below the halfway mark, screw the caps on and thread a piece of 6mm plastic tube into each cap and connect the other end to the manifolds. Does the same thing.

    Here's a video of an earlier version in use.
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    Not as neat as yours but I'll bet it cost less $0.00 and took less effort. Used oxygen tube steepled to a board with ATF as the fluid
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'll bet it didn't, mine cost absolutely nothing as it was made from stuff I had hanging around in the rubbish pile, leftovers from other jobs.

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