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    Default 82 shovelhead ignition and kicker pedal issues

    Got an 82 shovelhead kick only with a Dynatek 20001P ignition. Issue Im having with the ignition is the status light is constantly lit and never going off when I try to set the timing TDC. I wired it exactly how they show it on there diagram so Im not sure why the light wont ever go out. Also, I did program the ignition to 0 dead revs for kick only.

    Second issue is my kicker pedal is giving me very little resistance when i go to kick the bike over. . The flywheel in the motor is not spinning when you rotate the rear wheel. Im thinking is maybe a clutch drag issue?? Any insight would help.


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    You could have a sheared key on the kicker gear. or
    the clutch needs servicing, or adjusting. I would check the
    clutch first.

    If the flywheels are not rotating then of course the status light on
    the ignition could be in the on position. Fix the kicker problem 1st, then
    recheck the ignition after you get that sorted out.

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    I agree with Revelator. Have you checked the clutch already? It might have been the cause.

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