Does anyone have any Mean Street forks documentation/exploded views and/or fork oil specs. I have what I believe was called the “Forkzilla” - 41mm inverted tubes with the huge 73mm covers. They are 45.5” long from top of triple tree to bottom of axle bottom. They also made these in a shorter length. I was able to get a hold of Mike Hanlon from Mean Street and he confirmed that they are really just standard 41mm inverted forks as far as seals and bushings but unfortunately he didn’t have any specs on fork oil quantity? Since they went out of business 6 years ago he didn’t have and couldn’t remember any specific info. I can measure what volume of fork oil comes out of them and go with that on the rebuild but I sure would prefer to have some of the company documentation. I’ve read that someone named “Hugo” also worked for Mean street but I have no last name to try and contact him. Anyone have any info? Thanks!