What's up,

I know some people are gonna hate this idea, but I've got it stuck in my head and so here I am.

I'm a long time member and have been chopping and working on bikes for a long time. My last build was a cone shovel chopper, I'm building an FXR now and love this culture, history and these projects. With that said, I've had an idea stuck in my head that I'm considering pursuing - trying to make an electric chopper that looks as "right" as a chopper as I can make it without pretending it isn't what it is. I also want to try to solve the drivetrain with something that fits and flows in a swappable and appealing way in traditional big twin frame mounts.

I discovered a Zero 75-7 motor (70hp / 116 lb-ft) should fit between harley big-twin motor mounts and have some ideas for how the rest could at least work in theory and not look like dog shit, but I'm doin a lot of research to get deeper into it. Has anyone else thought about this? Would people be interested in following a build like this?

As for the battery pack and the rest of the build - my ideas are as follows - i need to learn a lot more to know what will and won't work, and welcome any critiques or ideas at this stage:

- Muscle bike style, keep it tight and tough.
- Work with a hardtailed big twin frame with standard mounting points as the foundation.
- Potentially 2 Battery Packs. Primary Pack could sit where cylinder heads go and oriented roughly as a "V" or fan above the motor. I am interested in using aluminum plates to simulate motor fins, but structurally to house and cool the battery pack. I am not entirely sure how the reality of building this pack would play out so starting to read up there, but seems possible? Second location could be oil bag and could potentially have louvers for cooling.
- other electrical components and charger to go in gas tank. Probably a frisco'd sportster tank. Charger under gas cap.
- Thoughtfully flow cabling and other components to make sense but don't try to hide the fact that it's an ebike.A fine line to work.
- Perhaps cast motor housing /plates for mounting to frame and add other cast housings to elevate the styling and make it feel more motor- like / flow.
- Run a transmission with an open belt. I think the feel/sound of a transmission is nice and if the gearing could help or mike riding feel more kinetic it could be interesting.

Let me know what you think.