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    Default Flake over Pearl?

    Figure would ask here, as I am sure someone has to have thought of it before I have. I do some paint, nothing professional but good enough for me and usually impresses people.

    Anyways, I was always pushed to the train of thought that itís base color, metal flake, then Pearl.

    As we know Pearl can wash out or give a milky effect. It got me thinking has anyone ever done base color, Pearl then metal flake on top? To me it seems like it would allow you to still have the Pearl effect (especially chameleon pearls) and the metal flake would still give it pop.

    But the problem I run into is I like bass boat size metal flake which to me would hide the Pearl.

    I am asking here as I am am working on a 1980 FXE shovel, and slowly building it into what I want. With that I came to the idea on colors, which currently is a teal base coat with a blue/green/purple chameleon Pearl, and aqua blue metal flake.

    Just looking for opinion on how I should do it. I am willing to try anything, so any advice or opinions be greatly appreciated.

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    do the google thing and you should find some prizmatic flake. I get the impression you're wanting a flake that shifts color? get on some of the lowrider forums and ask around,or some of the custom paint forums. I usually do a silver base with silver flake and use candys on top of that. that way the flake stays a uniform thickness. google "didspade"

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    Depends on exactly what your intent is. Pearl vs flake is 2 different enchiladas, Pork vs Chicken.

    A pearl is generally used in a clear or last coats of a base coat. Such as add some blue or oyster pearl over white. When the light hits it it flashes color but otherwise you dont see it.

    Ghost flames are also a effect, you dont see them until the light hits it just right. (I threatened to write "UN-Insured, Felon" on a relatives car backside when they were being a PIA in ghost pearl lettering. Some time a cops sitting behind you, sun comes out and BLING!)

    You CAN do pearl over metal flake but depends on the colors and technique. Likely its wasted effort. Good chance no one will notice or see it.

    Shoot some test panels and see?

    Now, different process, but illustrates some of the issues. House of Kolors had a book with color charts. You spray a substrate base color IE: Gold, Silver, Black, Orange, Green etc. Pick shimrin fine flake or go big flake. THEN shoot the Kandy over the top, and the color charts show say UBC 001-004 Kandy Brandywine, or Kobalt Blue, or whatever. and the 20 different base coat-substrates are shown and each reacts with the Kandy top coat giving a different color and effect.

    Kind of need to see it... I have a bunch of these books,

    But theres a ton of Youtube videos on line or seminars even with Jon Kosmoski showing a million different tricks and ideas...

    But thats the fun of custom (HOK KUSTOM) painting is you can do some crazy (Krazy) stuff. I like to experiment and play around.

    BUT,,,, PRO TIP here. Take notes! Really! If you ever gotta do a repair or touch up, KNOW your formulas and ratios.

    I keep a book and if doing for someone else will often give them my recipe so it can be repaired. I note date and time, products used, Temp-humidity and type of gear, and the ratios and formulas I use. Some stuff ages, fades or you cant totally stop UV rays but color matching many reds is really hard so, best to at least KNOW how an idiot like me created it.
    I dont give out all my secrets and tricks, but keeping notes and records pays off.

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