Last weekend I saw something that I have seen once before years back. An supposedly OEM H-D 1969 frame with a VIN boss on the neck, with no numbers, just a blank boss. As we know, frame VIN bosses came into being in the 1970 models. 69-earlier the neck was smooth where the 1970 models raised VIN boss would eventually be located

Years ago when I first saw this, it was in a restored, pretty much original FLH. Numbers on the engine looked great, correct fonts, but there was the frame neck VIN boss, blank. Owner said it was the original frame and motor, as they came from the factory. He stated there were few 1969 HD frames that did come with a blank neck VIN boss. A "getting ready for the 1970 model year" kinda thing. Since anything was pretty much possible from the factory, (both MC and auto manufactorers did do some strange things in transition years back in the day), on the surface, I guess I can go with that...................

So this weekend there was gathering of old MC iron. American, Japanese, British: And there were some super untouched and restored bikes in each class. And one was a 1969 FLH. It too had a neck VIN boss, blank. Patina on this entire survivor example was right on the money. A very close examination showed patinsaon the various very small detail items that would really take allot of work and search to replace to get that bike in its current state, items that dont get replaced over the years, or tossed. I asked, and got the same explanation as previously stated

OR.......... Lets say a person had a 1969 model, right off the showroom floor. A year or more later, he wrecks it, takes it to a dealer, and they replace the frame with an OEM 1970 or later frame. Which is possible. Heck, 5-6 owners later wouldnt know if this was the case

Your thoughts?