I don't think it was a wildly profitable business, but I have to say it was one of the absolute coolest places and concepts I ever saw. Hog Pen was a harley/other cool bikes consignment shop in Bright Ohio. (Address listed under Lawrenceburg Indiana, though.)


I remember walking in there once and seeing a Triumph in a wooden crate.. They had racks of used leather, something you just don't see in quantity anywhere. Transmissions.. Carbs.. Wheels and Chrome. Seats and Pipes.

It was just a really, really cool place and I miss it a lot.

I dunno what happened, but their FB indicates CV19 closed it for a while and then they never re-opened. Maybe from the impact of having to remain closed for so long?

Farewell, Hog Pen.. You will be missed.

If anyone here has the space and the inclination, it is a small business idea that is just cool as fuck.. And it worked, even in their horrible location and with their screwball hours.

Might even be big in a better area?

Just sad..