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    Default No fire sportster

    I'm at a loss.. I've have a 2000 1200 sportster that has no fire. I've installed stator, upgraded ignition module and voltage reg. But still no power to plugs. I've traced down the wiring and that's where I'm confused.. I know the pink and w/blk wires go to coil then to ignition along with purple/red wire but when I try to start nothing but I can take the 2 orange/white wires and put them with the purple /red wire and it will turn over but no fire to plugs. I've tried using the blue wire to coil instead of pink same results. Be help badly. I'm sure I haven't given all info needed so please ask me I'll try my best to give you the info you need
    Thanks JeffreyT69

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    Is there power at the coil? have you checked the coil itself?

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