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    Default 82 shovelhead timing marks

    Just picked up an 82 Shovelhead, I know the timing is off oh, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at for timing marks. 90% sure it's got the stock electronic ignition. In which case I will eventually be switching over to points when my funds become available. Can anybody let me know what I'm looking for by way of timing marks.

    Also picking up a slight knock in the bottom end, which I couldn't notice until I got it home and change the oil. Should I be concerned right away or is it something that can wait till winter time?

    Going to be selling the stock flhs fenders and tank, anybody can help me out with information are glad to give you the first crack at them, in great shape Malibu blue and light blue.
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    On a STOCK '82, the front cylinder advance timing mark is a dot, and the front cylinder TDC mark is a line. Verify by checking the piston position versus the timing marks.

    If it has a stock primary drive, a knock at idle could be from a worn compensator assembly.


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    Thanks, I should be in good shape now
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