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    I don't expect shops to cut their own throat after working at one.

    There is a creative mechanical solution to nearly everything and that includes mobile tire changing. I had my right shoulder replaced and refuse to heavily load it for anything. My back is fucked too. I still change my own tires, slowly and methodically. I don't heave on shit since if I need leverage I can extend any lever.

    For 25 bucks mounted and balanced I wouldn't touch my old Coats tire machine except for convenience if the shop were nearby, and I'm good at tire swaps. That's mighty close to "free" in 2021 dollars. Lots of old folks forget inflation is real and expect the prices of ancient times. (I'm old too but I'm a dick who pulls out my phone then opens an inflation calculator to prove it.)

    And Farmall's container machine shop set up. (Which would actually work pretty good. Some of the containers even have side doors.)
    The military deploys machine shops in containers including CNC gear because it's often faster to machine onsite than wait for DHL/FedEx/etc to move shit around the globe. Get a "one trip" grade container so you get new end door gaskets and a straight box. Side doors aren't necessary but dual end doors are very nice and it's easy to fab an angle frame for a man door in either the blank end of a single door box or in one of the end doors (use the "inboard" end door so the outboard door holds it shut after deleting the locking bars from that side to clear your new door frame).

    I'd enjoy a nice industrial side door container to play with (I don't buy or fab one as the wall space loss penalty doesn't suit me) but only as a 40' High Cube because the short/small boxes don't cut it for what I want. I have two 40' HCs welded side-by-side (nothing to look at which is intentional and no windows because I've no use for those) and one 40' HC with doors on both ends as my ride-thru bike garage plus a 20 for storage.

    The military needs C-130 mobility, easy trailering with container mobilizers and easy handling with PLS vehicles so it prefers 20s.

    The oil patch folks make some slick boxed equipment too.

    This shows why a single 20 is limiting:

    For best hobby results, study the pros. I make everything easy to move including shelving (hung from the roof tiedown hooks, a common method, just torch bend some 1/2" round bar or cut some flat stock).
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