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    Default 37 Flathead 80" seal ring in cam cover

    There is a seal ring which goes in the cam cover on a BTSV. It is a football shaped piece of metal that has a spring behind it and slides back and forth on two pins pressed into the cam cover.

    I discovered that my seal ring was stuck. I removed it and purchased a new one from one of the reputable (AFAIK?) online suppliers of vintage HD stuff.

    Removing the pins for the old seal ring was a bear. I had to weld bolts to the pins in order to remove them. I just used the heat from the weld to shrink the metal a little bit and the pins popped out pretty easily.

    The new seal ring came with two new pins. However, they are too small. They just slip right into the two corresponding holes in the cam cover.

    I noticed in a repop cam cover found online, that the seal ring is held in with screws. Seems this might be the better way to do it. Easier removal.

    Seal ring in cam cover

    Seal ring is held in with screws in this one?

    What are my best options here?

    I acquired and resurrected a dead lathe just days ago. Maybe I could spin down some larger pins that press fit into the cam cover as intended??

    The simplest solution I can think of is to tap the holes for two small bolts that have enough of a shoulder towards the top of the bolt itself for the spring loaded seal ring to glide back and forth.

    Pins are too small for press fit in cover.

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    Maybe you could measure the new pins with a micrometer and check mcmaster-carr for something a little bit oversized and close to the same length. They are usually pretty spot on with their specs on that website. You could use your lathe to size them correctly if you buy something close to fitting. This might not work for you but ive seen green loc tite and a little bit of "knurling" work miracles in similar situations.

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    Yeah, I will check their website. I'd really like to figure out something using threaded fasteners. Just for ease of future serviceability.

    Loctite and knurling does work good. I'd be paranoid about these pins falling out on this application though.

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